An unrivalled

From the minute you wake to birdsong outside your window, to the moment you catch the evening sun glinting off the pinnacles and spires of Edinburgh's skyline, you know you have chosen a very special place to live...

The Masterplan
History in the making




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Elevated living

The setting of the buildings within their landscaped grounds is one of the things that makes Craighouse a unique and special place to live. Its elevated position on one of Edinburgh's seven hills, Easter Craiglockhart Hill, means it offers some of the best views in Edinburgh.


The luxury of space

Residents will have access to 52 acres of parkland to call their own.

Space to live, breathe, cycle, walk the dog and take in those unrivalled city views.

Where neighbours are friends

This exclusive address will become home to a close-knit community of neighbours. A place where everyone has space to spread their wings.