Uncovering the Secrets of the Hidden Door Festival

Uncovering the Secrets of the Hidden Door Festival


Head off the beaten track and discover the cultural underworld of Edinburgh this month 


Few events possess the same charm and intrigue as the Hidden Door Festival, which returns to Edinburgh between the 27th May and 4th June this year. Spaces long forgotten and unfamiliar to tourists, will be brought to life with music, art, theatre, cinema, spoken word and poetry. 


And, of course, a festival wouldn’t be the same without delicious food and drink to enjoy across 9 fantastic nights.


The Location of the Hidden Door Festival


The Hidden Door festival has moved around over the years. But the 2016 instalment sees it return to last year’s venue at the street lighting depot on King’s Stables Road. For those looking to explore a side of Edinburgh less likely to appear in city guides or on TripAdvisor, this not-for-profit event run with the help of dedicated volunteers has a vibe unlike any other. 


The serpentine maze of buildings encased around a secret courtyard provides the perfect location to get lost in a world of creative arts. If your after long days full of cultural activities you will be happy to know that from 12 noon till 6pm entrance is free. Events will be ticketed from 6-11pm every evening. Prices vary from £8 to £15 pounds depending on the night.


With so much going on over the course of 9 nights, here is a breakdown of some of the best of music, visual art, theatre, poetry film and food and drink:





A diverse and exciting range of music from NZCA Lines, Teleman, Meilyr Jones, NZCA and Rival Consoles reflects the event’s commitment to supporting a line-up of breakthrough talent. 


Visual Art


Hidden Door is particularly exciting this year - for the first time in the festival’s history a visual art is included in its programme. The line-up includes up and coming talent in the form of recent graduates from Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee art colleges. The works on show are a fitting response to this year’s theme, ‘Electric City’, with a number of interesting pieces working with light and projections. The large open spaces of the depot offer the perfect place to showcase large-scale works.




Who says theatre is a dying art? 15 companies are involved in this year’s event, coming together to produce a range of modern and thought-provoking shows. 

Perhaps the pick of the bunch will be the production of Walden staged by the North Theatre Company in the atmospheric ‘Peely room’ – an old vehicle repair workshop. 



Poetry and spoken word


With this year’s festival opting for an even more diverse programme, poetry and spoken-word performances have been added to the billing. Poets include Jamie Gordon, Nick-e Melville and Ron Butlin.





There will be a whole host of films, shorts, animations and much more to choose from at this year’s event – perfect for those who love nothing better than sitting back with a glass in hand to enjoy some of the most compelling new cinema around. Works include ECA an animation showcase, Africa in Motion and the Edinburgh short film festival.




Food & drink


With 4 bars all serving locally-produced craft beers, cider and speciality gins (made by local producers), and a selection of street food stalls to choose from, Hidden Door will not only satisfy your senses but also your tastebuds.


The Hidden Door Festival is just one of the many festivals, events and exhibitions throughout the year in Edinburgh. If you are looking for a new home in Scotland’s capital, why not explore the stunning contemporary apartments at Quartermile.




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