The key elements of a functional spare room

The key elements of a functional spare room


Spare rooms in the home may seem like the easiest to decorate at first, but as many homeowners will tell you, they can actually be among the trickiest to complete. Often the last room in the home to get a lick of paint, they tend to be decorated at a time when the budget has run dry and your motivation to get things done has reached its limit.


Soon, you’ve stockpiled all of your clutter in one corner and left furniture you can’t find a home for in another. If truth be told, the spare room needs to be a versatile and flexible space, offering storage solutions, an alternative to the office and a place for visitors to rest their head. So how do you square all of these demands?


Here are a few of our top tips to creating a function spare room


Everything has purpose

It can be so easy to let an empty room become a dumping ground, particularly if it doesn’t have a clear purpose. But if you want your home to be a place where people can make themselves feel truly comfortable, it is worth making your spare room a welcoming space.


Try to tie in the colour and style of your spare room with that of the rest of the house where possible. Pay attention to the type of picture frames, fabrics and furniture materials in this room, rather than making it look like the contents of a car-boot sale. And as spare rooms tend to be smaller than a master suite or living room, why not opt for lighter colours – both on the walls and in your choice of bedding, cushions and carpets. A well-placed mirror can also work a treat in helping to make the room look more spacious.


If your spare room needs to be both a study and a guest bedroom, choose furniture that has multiple uses – such as a desk that could just as easily be a dressing table, or a wardrobe that doubles up as a storage compartment for your spare shoes, bedding and collection of trinkets.



Go multifunctional


Few city apartments have enough space for single purpose spare rooms. The likelihood is if you want a study, a guest room – or anything else that doesn’t quite fit into your main living area – chances are, you may need to merge all these purposes into one multifunctional space. But that definitely does not mean you have to compromise on functionality and style.


Dual-purpose furniture and clever storage hacks can transform a bland spare bedroom into a lively and adaptable space. To make your spare room fit for your needs, invest in good quality, versatile furniture. Sofa beds are the perfect solution for those wanting to have a secondary TV room or a cosy corner to read a book, but also need to provide bedroom facilities for visitors. Beware the cheap, flimsy sofa beds though – they tend not to be comfortable or durable as either a seating of sleeping solution.


Want a makeshift home office? Although the clean lines of a freestanding desk can be eye-catching, go for one that features drawers or an under-desk cabinet. You’ll want to be able to tidy away paperwork and laptops quickly in the event of a last minute visit from a friend, so don’t waste this opportunity for extra storage.


For acres of extra storage, why not think about using a chest as a feature in your spare room. If you have floor space to spare, a chest can double up as a coffee table, or else it can work nicely in the corner of the room with a pot plant on top instead of your usual slim-line table.



Cater for your hobbies

While it is great to be able to keep your guests happy, it is most important that your home is a space that enables you to enjoy life. If you have a hobby that you need room to indulge in, it may be that you want a dedicated area to work. We’re thinking sewing, knitting, drawing, reading or even working on your favourite jigsaw puzzle.


To get the most out of your space think about your most basic requirments: do you need large flat spaces to place machinery on, wipe clean surfaces in case some paint goes astray, natural light to give your eyes a rest or just a wall dedicated to bookshelves so that you can choose a relaxing read with ease.


So, what are you waiting for? Get to work on your spare room while the weather outside is frightful and create something delightful.


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