PureGym's HIIT workout for the summer

PureGym's HIIT workout for the summer

By Simon Dale,  PureGym Quartermile

Generally, when I’m training members at our Quartermile gym, they always say that their main fitness aim is a flat stomach and strong abdominal muscles. But the reality is if you want a fit body for the summer, you can’t just focus on this one area alone.

If you neglect your upper and lower body strength, this will prevent you from carrying out effective core workouts. So, you need to carry out an all-round muscular endurance training programme like (high intensity interval training (HIIT). Follow a HIIT programme and your body will be more toned overall and you’ll have a lot more confidence.

People who want to attempt the HIIT training regime below will not need to work out for any longer than one hour in total. If you do these exercises for any longer, you’ll be more prone to injuries.

The perfect HIIT workout:

- Warm up stretches - 5 minutes
- Jumping rope – 3 minutes
- Plank hold – 10 seconds
- 10 jumping squats
- Plank hold – 20 seconds
- 20 alternate lunges
- Plank hold – 30 seconds
- 30 kettle bell swings
- Plank hold – 40 seconds
- 40 dips
- Plank hold – 50 seconds
- 50 crunches
- Plank hold – 1 minute

Repeat this circuit as many times as possible within a 45 minute period, trying to better each exercise every time you attempt it. Make sure to cool down properly afterwards by stretching.

In order to see the desired results and to avoid burnout, I would suggest doing the above regime three to four times a week. Try to have one day on and one day off from the gym to allow your muscles to repair and recover. This will allow you to put 100 per cent into every workout, instead of feeling tired and worn out.

All of this training will not be effective unless you start the regime around four months before your planned holiday. You also need to have a balanced diet and get plenty of sleep to see results.

If for some reason you are unable to travel to the gym, please don’t feel you aren’t able to train. You can always exercise in your home even without any equipment. Body-weight exercises are great for doing at home, such as squats, push ups, sit-ups and lunges and of course, plank holds.

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