Kitchen trends for 2015

Kitchen trends for 2015

‘Concealment’, ‘linear’, ‘handleless and ‘canopy extraction’. These are the buzz words in the world of kitchen design for 2015, according to experts Kitchens International.

The trend is moving towards straight, linear lines where all kitchen paraphernalia is cleverly hidden away. By using intelligent storage solutions and larder or shutter cupboards that are in the same style as the cabinets, a much cleaner look is achieved. Handles are disappearing with handleless contemporary designs proving popular.

Increasingly, the kitchen furniture is being run through to the open plan living area incorporating desks, bar areas and televisions and allowing the kitchen look to be the dominant factor in the house. Banquet seating is a new trend where it is inbuilt in the end of an island.

On-trend colours still include muted beige, greys and mochas. However, Kitchens International is seing an increase in teals, blues, mustards, ochre and even gold and copper, especially in mirrored finishes and chrome. ‘In vogue’ finishes include a combination of gloss and ‘bling’ finishes as well as natural timber, geometric patterns and rough interesting textures, such as concrete.

The biggest developments this year will be the use of canopy or ceiling extraction. Very often, these can hardly be seen but efficiently and quietly take odours away. Almost every kitchen needs a wine cooler – 20 years ago this had never been heard of, but today, hardly any kitchens are designed without one!

The one item the modern kitchen cannot be without is the boiling water tap. This might be a relatively new invention, but it it is really taking off and is installed in almost every kitchen designed by Kitchens International.

So what has gone out? Gas hobs are less popular in 2015, with the availability and functionability of induction, and chunky worktops are certainly yesterday. Decorative lights or extractors that hang over the cooker are also on their way out.

So, clever concealment, cabinetry and appliances make up the perfect kitchen of 2015, the heart of the home more beautiful and functional than ever before.

Award-winning Scottish independent kitchen designers and retailers, Kitchens International, supplied many of the kitchens for Edinburgh’s Quartermile.

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