How to make your apartment the perfect home for newborns and toddlers

How to make your apartment the perfect home for newborns and toddlers

Preparing your apartment for a new arrival is an exciting experience, but it’s important to know how to create the happiest and safest environment

Whether you are new parents or grandparents with grandchildren coming to stay, it’s important that your home has a happy and safe space for the little ones in your family to enjoy – and an apartment is no exception. Here are some surprisingly simple ways you can turn your apartment into the perfect home for a newborn.


Create a designated area

No matter how spacious or cosy your apartment is, creating a designated space for all the paraphernalia that comes with babies is crucial. Anyone who’s ever had a little bundle of joy will tell you that they come with bags of accessories. From nappies and wipes, to baby-grows, sterilisers and dummies, there’s no escaping “baby stuff”.

But how can you make this space truly feel like its own separate sanctuary?


Divide with paint

Paint is the most powerful tool at your disposal when you’re creating a space for your newborn. Use a completely different shade to the rest of the room or apartment so that it really stands out.

But how do you know what colours and tones to use when decorating your newborn’s space?


Stick to neutral tones

Colours have been shown to play a huge role in how babies act and feel. While harsher, brasher tones have been shown to make newborns fussier, light and neutral colours can help them relax. Bear this in mind when picking out colour schemes for your baby space. White and cream can be paired with subtle pastel shades of yellow, green, blue or pink to give your little one their own little sanctuary.

But with so many options, how do you get inspired and focussed?


Gather ideas from Pinterest

There’s no shame in finding inspiration in the work of others, and Pinterest is a fantastic resource for gathering lots of different ideas and creating a look that suits you and your home. Make ‘pinboards’ that group together baby rooms and apartment spaces with décor you love.

But how do you know what you can and can’t get away with in your own apartment?


Know your measurements

Babies may be small, but they certainly come with a lot of accessories. From changing tables to cribs, you might be worrying about fitting all the necessities into your apartment. The trick is to really get to know your measurements. Get out your measuring tape and jot down the exact size of the spot you want your crib to live in. Then when you’re shopping for cribs, you know what your maximum measurements are.

But with such large necessities, how do you find room for décor?


Use vertical storage and wall décor

When it comes to decorating a smaller space, wall décor is your friend. Prints, paintings and decals can really brighten up a baby area, and vertical storage like shelving can be a great space saver.

But what’s the one thing you should always keep in mind when decorating for a new arrival?


Safety first

Above all else, you need to make sure the home you’re making for your child is safe. Key items such as baby monitors, stair-gates, cupboard latches and black-out blinds should be at the top of your shopping list.

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