Colour Trends For The Summer

Colour Trends For The Summer

Deciding on the colour scheme for your home can be a tortuous experience. With hundreds of shades to choose from and any number of different finishes, the whole decorating process can be too much for some people.


If you are starting to investigate the best palette for your home in 2016, let us give you a helping hand. From dusky pinks, coppers and pure whites, let us guide you through some of the colours that are trending this year.


Ethereal pastels

Summer 2016 is all about calming tones. Ethereal colours like soft greys, pinks, greens and blues are becoming popular. This should be welcome news to homeowners because these shades also happen to be incredibly versatile.


So-called ‘dusky pastels’ are perfect for apartment living in particular. While they help to accentuate space and give a room a light and lofty feel, the subdued tones also help to bring a more sophisticated and mature look to a room.


Perhaps the best thing about this particular trend is that these hues can be used both to decorate an entire room, an accent wall or as small touches of colour throughout the entire apartment. This enables homeowners to maintain consistency across spaces, incorporating subtle variations of colour without breaking the flow of the apartment.


Ethereal pastels work well paired with cool, white linens, patterned cushions and wooden accessories or trinkets. This allows you to inject a little more personality and individuality into a space without risking a clash of styles.


Metallic Accents

According to Dulux, the colour of the year is ‘Cherished Gold’. This is hardly surprising given that it is an Olympic year and global trendsetter Apple has been pushing gold as part of its own colour scheme over the past 12 months. In fact, the metallic trend has been building for some time and 2016 could be the year it really dominates.


Metallic tones offer a subtle opportunity to add texture and light into a room without overpowering the space. Whether you try metallic paint on a feature wall, use it to up-cycle furniture or simply introduce metal accents into your apartment, it is worth taking the time to assess how a little bit of subtle bling can bring a space to life. From silver to gold to copper, and any hue in-between, metals can add a soft sophistication to your room.


Minimalist in white

Once upon a time, white had a reputation for being boring and uninspired. Not any more. White can be a bold statement in the home; never more so than when used as part of a minimalist design. Adding texture and subtle variation through white washed wooden floors and distressed white furniture can also add character and a more tactile appearance to the home.


If you like things to be a little less crisp and clinical, white can still be a great way to accentuate the features in your home. The absence of colour on your walls, floors, cupboards and tiles allows you to make other elements the focus of the room. A carefully selected rug, a sofa or even a house plant may be given the limelight. At the very least, opting for white will help to ensure that your living spaces are never dark or oppressive.


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