5 stress busting things to do in Edinburgh

5 stress busting things to do in Edinburgh


The first Wednesday of every November is National Stress Awareness Day, so what stress-reducing activities does Scotland’s capital have to offer?

We all feel a stressed from time to time. Whether due to work, family life or something else entirely, it’s safe to say that nobody likes the sensation of being worried and anxious.

But there are things to do to help you combat stress, including partaking is relaxing and enjoyable activities in your local area. Luckily, Edinburgh is one of the best cities for finding fun, calming ways to fill a day or night.

So in honour of raising awareness for those living with stress, we’ve put together this list of some of the best stress busting things to do in Scotland’s capital.

A stroll through the Botanical Gardens

A stroll through the famous Botanical Gardens is a great way to leave your anxiety behind. In fact, studies have shown that taking time to immerse yourself in the natural world in this way can reduce stress levels by up to a 33 per cent – that’s a third less stress because of interaction with plants!

Edinburgh’s Gardens are some of the most beautiful in the world, with a huge selection of stunning plants and flowers to enjoy.

Climb to Arthur’s Seat to watch the sunrise

This is a guaranteed way to relieve your stress and take in some of Edinburgh’s beauty at the same time. It involves getting up early, but boy is it worth it.

Arthur’s Seat is one of the city’s most famous and stunning natural landmarks. Not only are there a whole host of myths and historical episodes surrounding the site, but it also offers one of the most beautiful view of Edinburgh you’ll find. Climbing to the peak and watching the sun come up over the buildings below is a truly relaxing and incredible experience on a clear day.

If the view wasn’t enough, bear this in mind: exercise (such as hiking up a hill) is a great way to release dopamine and serotonin, the natural drugs in the body that make us feel more positive and protect our mental health. Spend the early morning scrambling up to Arthur’s Seat and you’ll reap the wellbeing benefits for the rest of the day.

Visit a local spa

We all know that a trip to a spa is a classic method for helping you relax, feel calm and reduce your stress – and with good reason! Stress relief is the number one reason for spa visits in the UK, and multiple research has shown that the soothing sanctuaries can make a profound difference to anxiety.

And Edinburgh has a huge selection of spa facilities to choose from. From One Spa located near Edinburgh Castle in the Old Town, to Zen Lifestyle further north in the New Town, there’s a spa to suit every taste and preference in the city.

Enjoy a meal in a stunning restaurant

If spas can help reduce feelings of stress in the morning or afternoon, then an evening meal is the perfect way to round off a day of self-care stress management. Edinburgh has some of the best and most popular eateries north of the border, from more upmarket establishments like The Balmoral to fun family-friendly places with a great atmosphere like the Hard Rock Café.

Indulge in retail therapy on Victoria Street

It’s called retail therapy for a reason, and for a lot of us there’s no better way to reduce our stress than perusing the shops for some new purchases. Well, there’s also no better place to indulge your love of shopping than Victoria Street in Edinburgh’s Old Town.

As one of the streets which inspired J K Rowling’s magical Diagon Alley, Victoria Street has no end of incredible, fascinating and enchanting shops you won’t find anywhere else. Now that’s sure to put a spring in your step.

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