5 Delicious Winter Warmer Recipes

5 Delicious Winter Warmer Recipes

Winter is a time for staying indoors and cosying up in your luxury apartment. And nothing makes hibernation more enjoyable than filling your living space with the appetising smell of delicious, home-cooked food. As temperatures begin to plummet, there’s no better way to fill your downtime than to crank up the oven, put a pan on the hob and try your hand at some hearty winter warmers.


Here at Quartermile, we’ve put together a collection of our favourite feel-good food. Try these recipes out on your friends, family or just for yourself, while the weather outside is frightful. Bon appetite!


1) Soups recipes to warm the soul

Delicious root vegetable soups make for the perfect winter warming dish. They are simple to make, packed with flavour and are a nice healthy option at a time of year when nutritious, low-fat food is often harder to come by. If you fancy something altogether more indulgent, why not also consider haddock chowder or even a chorizo and butter bean soup for paprika lovers.


Don’t think that soups are boring, either. Whether you choose to add stock, water or cream; whizz it all up in a blender or serve it chunky, there’s a soup out there for everyone. Some of our favourites include honey roasted carrot and parsnip soup, butternut squash, sweet potato, Morroccan chicken or even a good old classic tomato soup… Mmmmm.


2) Stew recipes, you can't beat a good old stew

Stews are perhaps the most classic of winter dishes. Although, they can take a long time to cook, they are actually among the easiest of dishes to prepare. In fact, preparation time can be just 10 minutes.


Fans of slow cookers will tell you that there’s nothing quite as satisfying as putting a stew together in the morning, leaving on a low heat for several hours before coming back into the home to find your creation waiting for you. Not only that but a good stew will fill your apartment with the most glorious aroma.


Start the day by throwing in your meat, vegetables, seasoning – whatever you prefer. Meats like beef brisket or pork shoulder work particularly well in the slow cooker because over time they become soft and delicate, falling apart to release mouth-watering flavours.


Don’t have a slow cooker? No problem, a crock-pot in the oven for the same amount of time at a low temp will do the job!


3) Winter Salad Recipes

When it comes to salads, many people think of summer. But a salad can also be the perfect antidote to stodgy food during the winter, filling you up in ano altogether fresher and more flavoursome way. From grilled goats cheese, pear, walnut and sweet vinaigrette dressing salad to a citrus blood orange salad with fried rosemary and olives.


Others tasty dishes include butternut squash, walnut and couscous salads with pomegranate, mint and chilli powder. Or how about a warm chicken, farro or pearl barley and hazelnut salad to excite your senses this winter? Step away from the green leaves and explore a range of other ingredients that will warm you from top to toe - like chillies, warmed meats or nuts


4) Apple Crumble recipes because nothing beats a classic

This winter dessert is a great pudding to take when visiting friends or family. Want to make your creation a bit more quirky? Why not add intrigue by using cinnamon in your filling or oats and nuts in your crumble. Finally, all that’s left is to choose between cream, ice cream and custard!


5) Bread and Butter Pudding

Bread and butter pudding is another classic winter dessert. This sweet treat is also a great way to use up any stale bread that you have lying around in the kitchen. Once you have sliced and buttered the bread, simply pour over the sugar and milk — you can always add some chocolate chips for added flavour too.


Once baked, the chocolate chips melt and ooze into the bread, with a crisp layer of bread on the top, with soft and fluffy bread underneath. This recipe is sure to warm you up.


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