12 ways to use that wall space above your bed

12 ways to use that wall space above your bed

Your bed is the centrepiece of your bedroom, so here’s how to really make it shine

After a long day at work or an exhausting afternoon out with family and friends, your bedroom is the one place you can escape to for some much needed “Me Time”. It is your own personal sanctuary, so it goes without saying that you want the decor to be attractive, comforting and reflective of your overall taste and style.

And this is all well and good when it comes to choosing bedding, rugs and tabletop decorations, but for some reason too many of us seem to struggle when it comes to filling the space above the headboard. A vast expanse of plain wall isn’t going to say anything about your personality, so why not spruce up the space with something more exciting?

There are endless options for filling the wall space above your bed, and this can make it quite daunting to try and find the perfect item to finish off your bedroom decor. Well don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are 12 fantastic ways to make use of that dreaded bit of wall above your headboard.

Awesome Art

The first thing that probably springs to mind when you think about filing the wall space above your bed is a stunning piece of artwork, and this is by no means a bad idea. A large scale artwork can add a welcome sense of drama to your bedroom, making you feel like the true ruler of that space. Choose something which you love the look of, and that uses colours you can implement into the rest of your bedroom. You can push this look further by flanking the art with lamps or wall sconces for an even more dramatic effect.

Wonderful Wallpaper

A feature wall isn’t just for the living room. Coating the space above your bed in a simple yet powerful wallpaper design can create a mural effect which is bold without being overpowering. Think vertical lines, geometric shapes or large floral patterns — whatever is reflective of your own personal style. Again, find colours you can use elsewhere in the space.

Sturdy Shelves

If you want something practical as well as attractive, try installing a shelf above your bed and filling it with accent pieces you love. These can be anything from ornaments to photographs to your favourite bedtime reads. A floating shelf is a particularly neat way of filling up the space above your bed, helping you maintain a minimalist, streamlined look in your bedroom. It’s also a great way of saving surface space in the rest of your bedroom, creating a tidier feel overall.

Artsy Abstract

So this links back to the idea of using artwork, but the possibilities of displaying truly abstract art above your bed are so diverse and daring that they deserve their own slot on our list. An abstract grid accent is an eye-catching way of making your bedroom unlike anyone else’s. If you’re a particularly crafty and creative individual, you could even have a go at fashioning something yourself. That way, it will truly reflect your personality.

Magic Mirror

Mirrors have the duel benefit of being beautiful in their own right and making your room feel bigger and brighter. An attractive mirror design will bounce the natural light streaming through your windows back out into the room, making it feel like a livelier space during the day. You can go as bold or as minimalist as you like with your choice of mirror. Sometimes a simple oval design can create a striking visual effect without being too outlandish.

Textured Tapestry

If you love to feel cosy in your bedroom, a tapestry is a great way to achieve this. Hark back to your university days with a draping design that simply screams boho-chic in the best possible way. You can make the effect a little more polished by finding throws and cushions with similar colours and patterns. This will harmonise the space and help bring the entire look together.

Wacky Wall Hanging

Similarly, a wall hanging is an effective way of adding both texture and a vintage feel to your bedroom environment, giving it a real 70s vibe. Wall hangings come in a variety of materials and textures, so the possibilities are endless. Pair it with patterned rugs and soft furnishings for a cosier, more homely vibe, or keep the rest of your bedroom decor clean and minimalist to make your wall hanging really stand out.

Gridded Gallery

If you have several different artworks or photographs which you’d like to display proudly, creating a gridded gallery above your bed is a way to do so whilst still keeping the overall feel of your room decor neat and orderly. Try to choose pieces which are all roughly the same size, and display them in the same frame design. Six is a good number to aim for, displayed in two neat rows of three.

Statement Selection

Or, if you want something a little kookier, collect your favourite pieces and photos together and display them sporadically above your bed for a busier and more playful aesthetic. Transforming your entire wall into a colourful and exciting gallery of pieces will certainly banish that empty space, especially if they are all different shapes and sizes. Find one or two key large pieces and surround them with smaller framed photographs and paintings for maximum visual interest.

Peaceful Plants

If you follow our earlier suggestion of installing a shelf above your bed, but you aren’t one for knick-knacks and ornaments, try filling it with a selection of potted plants. Not only does this look great, but it has the added benefit of making your room feel fresher. Research shows that the presence of plants can help us feel calmer and more energized — perfect for first thing in the morning. Even better, the display will naturally change overtime as your plants grow.

Lively Lamp

A lamp is not a purely practical addition to your bedroom. As well as shining a light on the rest of your bedroom decor, a lamp can be a stunning feature in and of itself. Choose a structural model which fills the wall space above your bed. Oversized lamps are a popular choice, and so are models which include lots of lines and an industrial aesthetic. Whatever you choose, an interesting lamp is a fashionable way to brighten up your bedroom.

Bohemian Baskets

A basket? Above your bed? Hear us out. Bright and colourful artisan basket lids have been popular for a while now, and the round shape juxtaposes the straight lines of your headboard beautifully. They come in a variety of colours, and the handmade quality gives you interesting patterns which are always unique. And, on a practical level, the lightweight nature of these baskets means you won’t have to worry if they fall off the wall during the night.

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