10 ways to make your living room stand out for the right reasons

10 ways to make your living room stand out for the right reasons


Here are our top tips for a bold and beautiful living space

When we spend day after day coming in and out of our homes, it can be all too easy to get used to our surroundings. Suddenly the décor that once thrilled us has simply become the norm, and the design choices we so carefully made have lost their impact.

When this happens, it’s time for a refresh. So why not take this as an opportunity to create a living space that really stands out? Here are our 10 top tips for creating interior spaces that make you stop and take notice.


Don’t be afraid of bold colours

Many interior design experts will tell you to stick to neutral shades, but a few pops of bright colour can really help bring a space together. Whether on your cushions, wall art or ornaments, don’t be scared to go bold with your décor.


Make the most of layout

If you feel like you’ve become too used to your living room, perhaps all you need is a simple change of layout. Think about how the space could be used better, making the most of factors like feature walls and natural light.


Use nature as your inspiration

Nature is beautiful, so why not bring the outside in when it comes to your décor? Elements like natural wood bring a welcoming warmth to any space, while oceanic blues, leafy greens and sunny yellows all evoke their own emotional response.


Play with patterns

A bold pattern is a simple yet effective solution to a bland space. From modern geometric to floral, there are endless possibilities. If you’re feeling particularly brave, you could even mix and match clashing patterns with your soft furnishings, rugs and curtains for a really eye-catching effect.


Layer up for a cosy vibe

Speaking of soft furnishings, they really are a great way to add depth to a room, as well as making it feel like home. Throws, blankets and cushions add a new dimension and provide fresh opportunities to play with colour and texture.


Experiment with size

Not everything in your living space has to be to scale. In fact, sometimes an oversized item can bring a much-welcomed dynamism. A standing lamp with an oversized shade, or a piece of art that dominates a whole wall – these elements are both unique and fun.


Use plants to liven up a neutral space

Remember when we mentioned taking inspiration from nature? Well the simplest (and arguably most effective) way to do this is by bringing in plenty of living, breathing plants and flowers. Even the most neutral of rooms feel fresher and brighter with a few bits of greenery brought in.


Go pretty with pastels

If you are set on neutral colours, consider deviating slightly and opting for pastel tones rather than whites and beiges. Swap out a plain white wall with a subtle duck egg blue as a way of bringing more personality into the space.


Make magic with mirrors

Mirrors are one of the most useful features in interior designs. Not only do they reflect light and make a room appear bigger, but they also stand out as a design feature in their own right. The same can be said for suave metallics as well, which can introduce a modern element to your home.


Add personal touches

In the end, you want your home to feel like just that: a home. And the best way to do this is to make sure it’s distinctly yours. From photographs and knick-knacks you love to items that reflect your hobbies and interests, don’t be afraid to fill your home with yourself.

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