Why an apartment makes the perfect forever home

Why an apartment makes the perfect forever home

Once upon a time, apartments were seen as transitional homes rather than somewhere we could make our ‘forever home’. But for many people in the 21st century that established idea of the two-up, two-down suburban house no longer has the same appeal. In modern, spacious apartments (like the ones right here at Quartermile) residents can stay at the centre of a city’s. And as tastes have changed, apartments have, too. With more flexible, open-plan living now an option in multi-storey apartment buildings, there are no restrictions to the way people live.

Here we explore just how apartments can be a better choice for long term living, and how your apartment has the potential to evolve with you.


The city changes with you

Many modern apartments capitalise not just on a high specification finish and all the luxury trappings that brings, but they are also located in some of the most exciting districts in the country. Whatever your circumstances, you simply don’t have to settle for suburban life it is isn’t the right fit for you. By choosing an apartment as a long term base you can always be at the heart of the action in a city that continuously offers new things to see and to do.

Quartermile Luxury Apartments Edinburgh

Quartermile apartments are ideally located to ensure residents can experience the very best of Edinburgh all year round, regardless of whether you are new to the area or have grown up here. Your apartment’s position, just a short distance from Edinburgh Castle, Princes Street and New Town, is now an integral part of Edinburgh’s vibrant community. At Quartermile itself, cafes restaurants, shops and gyms leave residents wanting for nothing.


Enjoy the flexibility of open plan living

Opting for the typical two-up, two-down property was once considered to be the best environment for raising children. However, the modern lifestyle is much more suited to children growing up comfortably in apartments. An open plan apartment doesn’t have to mean a lack of privacy, nor does it have to mean that a living space feels cramped. Simply by using dividers, screens and furniture, living spaces can be adapted and tailored to an individual family’s needs and preferences. In the same breath, those wishing to experience a more open environment can remove furniture.

But what about a garden and outdoor space? At Quartermile, residents are spoilt for grassy expanses thanks to the many acres of The Meadows – which also offer stunning views from the apartments themselves.


Escape the city with apartment living

One of the many criticisms of urban living in the past has revolved around the noise of life passing by. Yet in modern apartment buildings where double and even triple-glazing are now commonplace, the buzz of the city can be banished simply by closing a window or sliding the balcony door shut. It should also be remembered that for those living towards the top of a multi-storey apartment building, the peace and tranquillity of being up in the clouds can be restful indeed.


More time for activities

It goes without saying that a major complaint among suburbanites is the time and money that is wasted to commuting on a daily basis. Living right in the heart of a city means that almost everything you could wish to see and do is all within easy walking distance. In a world where many of us are working longer hours in the office, the idea of being home within a 10 or even 20 minute walk is significantly more appealing than a 45 minute car or public transport commute each way. When time is precious, most of us agree that it’s important to spend those free minutes of the day doing things we love.

Another plus point that goes hand-in-hand with apartment living is the prospect of less maintenance. Maintenance of the building and communal areas is taken care of on your behalf, unlike the repairs and renovations that have to be overseen by you in a traditional house. Limited maintenance means that you are likely to experience a much better quality of living, enjoying all the perks of a beautifully kept apartment building whilst having more time for hobbies and other activities.


Experience improved security

Break-ins are a very real threat to homeowners across the country, and while in the past year burglary cases have decreased nationwide by 2%, recent statistics from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed that 398,406 home burglaries still took place during 2016. Another study conducted by the College of Policing stated that homes without security are five times more likely to be broken into.

In traditional homes, it is your responsibility to ensure the security of your property is up to scratch. However, at Quartermile there are a number of security measures in place designed to keep residents safe around the clock. All apartments are serviced by video entry systems, and the entire development is fitted with CCTV and maintained by a concierge team. Whether you are buying new and living alone, have a family or are getting to the age where you want extra peace of mind, an apartment can offer all the safety and security you need.



In early 2017 the government released its own white paper outlining how the UK housing system was broken. And much of this related to the problems faced by young professionals in trying to get a foot on the property ladder because prices were too high and there simply weren’t enough houses being built.

Yet, buying a slice of real estate is much more of a realistic possibility for young professionals and growing families when it comes in apartment form. Apartments are significantly cheaper than many suburban options without sacrificing any of the luxury. And with fewer rooms to furnish, it is possible for proud homeowners to really inject quality and style into their living spaces for a fraction of the cost. Living in an open-plan single-floor layout leads most apartment owners to prioritise quality over quantity.

Living in an apartment also enables people to economise more naturally, too. Many apartment owners talk about shopping more efficiently when they go to the supermarket, rather than overloading the fridge and cupboard space with a trolley-full of tins, jars and packets.


Tips for apartment living

If you are considering buying a luxury apartment like the ones here at Quartermile, there are a few handy hints and tips that you may wish to remember.

Firstly, finding furniture that has a dual purpose is a great investment and can maximise space. Rather than filling room after room with bargain items, why not pick a single multi-functional item that will become the focus of your space.

Creating hidden storage space is also a must. Beds, stools and tables with compartments built into them can help you to tidy away the clutter that might otherwise overpower a living space. As an extension of this, make the most of wall space with shelves that can house books, candles, photo frames and anything else you want to keep on show.

If you are ready to make the move to Quartermile and enjoy the many benefits of city living, find out more about what we have to offer here. Or book 

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