‘Warm minimalism’ is shaping up to be the biggest design trend this autumn

‘Warm minimalism’ is shaping up to be the biggest design trend this autumn

Warm and welcoming yet cool and collected – is this the look for your home?

For many years, minimalism dominated interior design circles. Based on a mantra of “quality over quantity”, minimalism is all about creating spaces that celebrate clean lines, neutral tones and open, airy environments.

However, for many people traditional minimalism lacked the warmth they were looking for in their home. This has changed with the arrival of the ‘warm minimalism’ trend.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that a home should soothe you when times are tough. The colour palette for warm minimalism is all about 70s inspired shades like terracotta, cream, ochre and moss — a palette which brings a welcome sense of calm through subtle earth tones.

So how can you bring warm minimalism into your home? The answer is surprisingly simple. Here are our top tips for celebrating this look in your interior design.


Introduce the right textiles

Autumn is all about bringing the cosy factor, and there’s no better way to do that than with knits and other textiles. Sometimes, a move as simple as introducing a new throw pillow is enough to totally refresh a space. Look for soft furnishings like throws, curtains, rugs and cushions in warm tones like soil brown or sunny yellow.


Make the practical elements pretty

When you think of interior design, chances are you don’t think about items like dinner plates. But these practical elements can also bring an aesthetic charm, whether in the dining room with the table set or when stored in the kitchen. Reddish terracotta plates are a subtle way to celebrate this new trend in an otherwise neutral space.


Invest in earthy paint tones

If you want a more immersive way to engage with this heart warming look, don’t be afraid to paint a whole room in a 70s sunset tone. Neutrals like clay or beige fit in with the theme of warm minimalism without overpowering the space. Or, if you’d rather opt for something bolder and more colour, consider painting a feature wall in sunny terracotta or a rich mossy green.


Bring in seasonal wall art

Wall art is a great way to change the feel of your home design because they can be updated every season. Invest in some autumnal prints that utilise the warm, earthy tones celebrated by warm minimalism. You can then use these shades to inform the rest of your interior design.


Find ways to introduce subtle textures

Layered textures have an incredible impact on the way a space feels (in all senses of the word). We’ve already talked about the welcoming impact of chunky knits like cushions and throws, but you can also bring something special to your room with exposed woods, natural stone and worn metallics. These elements fit beautifully within the warm minimalist look, contrasting the homely element with a more modern spin.


Swap out your bedding for a warmer alternative

The smallest changes often make the biggest difference, and this is certainly the case when it comes to your bedsheets. Have you ever noticed how the look and feel of your bedroom changes dramatically depending on which bedding you use? Organic gingery oranges and coppery browns are a fantastic way to bring a bit of colour into your bedroom while also getting your house ready for autumn.

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