Unusual yet beautiful ways to decorate your kitchen

Unusual yet beautiful ways to decorate your kitchen

When it comes to sprucing up your kitchen, it’s time to think outside the box

Whether you live in a detached house in suburbia or a new-build apartment in the heart of the city, the modern kitchen has to be the hub of the home. Once upon a time, the kitchen was considered to be a functional space that should be out of sight and not for viewing by guests. But things have changed in the last couple of decades with a greater demand for open-plan spaces that make the cooking area an integral part of the socialising space.

Such a change has made it important to express a little bit more design flair in the kitchen than was previously necessary. No longer can this room simply be a place for storing appliances and prepping vegetables; it also needs to feature its own sense of style.

If you are looking for a bit of design inspiration, here’s how you can get creative in the kitchen.


Mix and match wood tones

Wood is one of the most popular materials for kitchen décor. It can look rustic, classy or even modern, like the black charred wood furniture which has become so popular in recent months. But don’t feel like all your wood needs to match. Combining wood grains creates an eccentric effect which helps break up the space.


Creative kitchen islands

If you’re lucky enough to have the space for a kitchen island in your home, you have a golden opportunity to make it a truly eye-catching centrepiece. Why go for a standard style when you can choose something truly unique? Be brave in your choice and consider all the different aspects of your island, including the shape, colour, texture and size.

If you really want your island to leave an impression, you could even choose something completely different from the rest of your kitchen décor. Got a classic wood worktop everywhere else in the room? Then why not try granite, marble or silestone for your island to make a statement?


Supersized lights

Light is so important when it comes to décor, especially in the kitchen. So why not make your kitchen shine with lighting that really stands out? Opting for an oversized lighting fixture can have the double benefit of brightening up your kitchen and making for a dramatic feature in your décor.

Whether you’re going for a traditional chandelier or a more abstract, modern design, explore the idea of choosing a central light fixture which is slightly bigger than your usual choices. Pendant lighting works particularly well in kitchen areas for those looking for a perfect blend of modern minimalism and classic luxury.


The power of colour

Like light, colour plays a huge role in the effect home décor has, and the kitchen is no exception. Ask yourself what vibe you want your kitchen to have, whether it’s bold, modern, relaxed or neutral, then try experimenting with different colours.

Red is a powerful choice for a dynamic kitchen, and is particularly successful on wall tiles. On the other hand, green creates a relaxing natural atmosphere. You can even explore pastel shades of yellow and blue to turn your kitchen into a light, bright space with a sense of fun. 


Combine modern and antique pieces

Mixing styles is a sure-fire method for making your kitchen stand out, and one of the best ways to do this is to mix traditional items of décor with more modern furnishings. Each style has its own benefits – while a modern kitchen can feel more spacious and clean, sprinkling a few antique items throughout adds a much-needed sense of character and can transform a bland kitchen into a more interesting space.

Why not take it one step further by contrasting your larger kitchen items? An ultramodern fridge fitted between traditional rustic worktops creates a striking effect, as does a fun and colourful light fixture overhanging a classically elegant kitchen design.

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