Traditional or modern: which home is really best?

Traditional or modern: which home is really best?

We’re finally putting the great debate to rest . . . sort of

Should you buy an older home or a new build? It’s an important question – and one which deserves a big of discussion. We’re going to take a look at the benefits of both house types to see which one you should invest in.

Let us begin by saying that the answer simply isn’t the same for everyone. It may sound like a cliché but “the right kind of home” really does depend on your own preferences and the kind of living style that works for you. If you aren’t currently sure what that means for you, carry on reading and we will outline how the features of traditional and modern might work in reality for you.


The benefits of buying an older home

Despite the rise in new build construction, there are still plenty of people who would rather invest their money in an older home over a newer one. Here’s what you would typically expect from a building with heritage on its side.

Lots of character and history:  It’s hard to deny that older homes possess “character”. Thanks to original features like fireplaces, staircases or stained-glass windows, your home will always have a story to tell.

You can personalise with a bit of renovation work: When investing in an older home it isn’t uncommon for people to refer to their property as a “project”. In fact, renovating older homes tom make them fit for the modern lifestyle can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience – particularly if you are knocking through walls to create open-plan spaces, repurposing a room or even converting a loft space into a spare bedroom.

In many older homes people choose to take their opportunity to renovate as a chance to refit kitchens and add new built-in furniture – something they can do to their own specific tastes and standards.


The benefits of a new build property

While there is no doubt that many people are drawn to the character and history you get with an older home, there are still growing numbers of homebuyers choosing to invest in a newer property instead. And here’s why.

Energy efficiency: By law, new homes have to adhere to certain energy requirements. This means that you are guaranteed get an excellent standard of efficiency with a new home, saving you money in the long run.

Often come with warranties in place:  New build homes typically come with a 10-year warranty, which is designed to protect you from any structural issues that occur in your home. This can help give you peace of mind from the moment you purchase.

Security and safety: Compared to older homes, new homes are usually safer and more secure. Fire alarms and burglar alarms usually come as standard, and they’re much more likely to make use of fire-resistant materials.

Opportunity to have your say: If you express your interest early enough, you can even tailor a new build home to your specifications. From choosing appliances to selecting fixtures, you can make your dream home piece by piece.


Final thoughts

Ultimately, everyone has a different opinion when it comes to which kind of house is best, with some people loving the character and charm of older houses, and others being drawn in by the efficiency and security of newer homes. We like to think of this as a head vs. heart debate – the practical benefits of new build homes are undeniable, but it’s hard to turn down an older home with its own story to tell.

So which is the best choice? Well, whatever your preference we have a home that could be perfect for you here at Craighouse.

Craighouse is the latest property collection from Quartermile Developments. Located in Morningside, the development brings some of Edinburgh’s most magnificent historic building back to life, nestled in a vast expanse of parkland and overlooking the city’s skyline. Alongside this, the development will feature a number of entirely new properties. There are over 145 units in total, including apartments, duplexes, penthouses and townhouses. This is history and modernity brought together in perfect harmony.

Discover Craighouse for yourself by clicking here and exploring the stunning homes available. Alternatively, you can get in touch with Quartermile Developments today to discuss your requirements. Just call 0845 000 25 25.

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