How to refresh every room in your home

How to refresh every room in your home

If you’ve got 30 minutes, you’ve got time to put some of these stunning quick fixes into practice

We all love the idea of sprucing up our home design, but with work, family, social commitments and an endless list of domestic duties to complete, it’s more than a little difficult to find the time.

But interior design doesn’t need to be a mammoth task. Sometimes the smallest changes can have the biggest impact. Let us share a few of our favourite quick décor fixes for every room in your home.

Keeping it fresh in the kitchen

The best way to freshen up your kitchen is to give your cabinets a new lease of life. Your cabinets take up the most space out of kitchen design element, so the way they look can affect the overall feel of the room.

But don’t worry, we’re not suggesting spending days painting your cabinetry. Instead, swap out old handles and knobs for newer models. This simple tweak can make a huge difference, and will really help bring your cabinets into the 21st century. Look for colourful and quirky designs that reflect your personal style.

Energising your entrance hall

Entranceways see a lot of use, often falling victim to coats and shoes taken off and dumped. So introducing some effective storage is a great way to help your hallway appear cleaner, sleeker and more stylish. If you have the space, a storage bench is a fantastic place to store your shoes and accessories as well as general bits and bobs. Alternatively, a hook rail or wall-mounted shelf can be easily installed in minutes, and provides a good solution for storing keys, coats, dog leads and bags.

Beautifying the bedroom

When it comes to the bedroom, the bed is obviously the star of the show so this is the area you should be focusing on. The first thing you should be doing is changing your bedding. Drab sheets and duvet covers immediately makes the room as a whole feel dull and uninspired, so treat yourself to some bright, modern bedding to spice up the space. Try sprucing up the space above your bed, too, filling the empty wall with a large artwork, a trio of smaller pieces or even a string of fairy lights.

Lightening things up in the lounge

Sometimes you don’t even need to add anything to a room to transform it, you just need to rearrange what’s already there. Playing with your living room’s layout can make it look and feel like new. If you have an attractive outside view, make sure your furniture is centred around it so it can shine as a standout feature.

If you do have the time and budget for a few homely additions, accent cushions and houseplants have great transformative power. Likewise, accessories featuring reflective materials such as glass and steel will help make the most of the natural light entering the room.

Buffing up the bathroom

Think of your bathroom as the perfect blank canvas for accessorising. Upgrading your shower curtain, towels and bath mat with bright and colourful alternatives can instantly transform the space. For an even more powerful effect, seek out matching versions of these accessories to bring the whole look of the room together perfectly. Sprinkle a few attractive toiletries and ornaments throughout the space and you’ve got yourself a fresh new bathroom to enjoy.

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