Going for Gold: 7 ways to decorate your home with metallic shades

Going for Gold: 7 ways to decorate your home with metallic shades

From decadent to daring, these marvellously metallic design ideas will certainly add a shine to your home

If you’ve ever wanted to bring more glamour and excitement to your home design, but you weren’t sure how, then we’re here to help. Metallic tones are a fantastic way to keep your home feeling fresh, bright and steeped in luxury. Try some of our top tips for yourself and see how your home transforms.

Mixed-metallic wallpaper

Many people use wallpaper to create an accent or feature wall in a room, be it the living room, bedroom or dining area. Well, if you’re going to create a ‘feature’ wall, you may as well make it a real feature. That’s exactly what metallic wallpaper does, overlaying a coloured base with notes of bronze, gold or silver to create a truly luxurious effect that’s both eye-catching and welcoming.

Silver end tables

When you choose to forego traditional wood furniture in favour of metallic alternatives, you can get away with choosing more traditional shapes and styles without it feeling too old-fashioned. Metallic tones instantly give a sense of fresh and modern design, so juxtaposing this with a more traditional French or Victorian style is both fun and fashionable.

Golden curtains

Curtains and other soft furnishings are designed to add depth and warmth to your home décor, and choosing a striking colour like gold only emphasises these effects even more. When paired with Moroccan-inspired wall art and throws, gold curtains can provide a healthy dose of exotic charm to your living area, creating a look that’s both elevated and inviting. Alternatively, featuring metallic curtains in an otherwise neutral room will immediately draw the eye to the window.

Copper bedframes

Sometimes, the best way to use a metallic colour is to emphasize and stylize an item which, up until now, you’ve seen as purely functional. For example, we tend not to spend much time thinking about the design of our bedframe, opting instead to invest in attractive bedding and surrounding furniture. But a copper bedframe can instantly transport your boudoir into the 21st century with a chic, classy look. The charming design is proof that metallic designs can be both industrial and a little bit whimsical.

Bronze ceiling

We’re so used to white ceilings, we rarely even consider other options. In fact, most of the time you’re unlikely to think about the colour of your ceiling at all when you decorate. However, switching things up with a warm bronze or copper ceiling creates a surprising sense of glamour, with a gleaming finish that feels fit for royalty. Even better, the metallic aspect of the tones will reflect the light coming into the room, so you can still enjoy a bright, airy space.

Patterned bedding and throws

If you’re looking for a less permanent way to celebrate metallic colours in your home, try swapping out some of your more tired bedding and throws for exciting new additions. Gold or silver floral designs against a plain backdrop create a look that’s simple yet sophisticated, with just the right amount of excitement. It also works with your cushions as well, bringing a sense of decadence to your living area. Plus, you can swap your soft furnishings around to keep your home constantly feeling fresh.

Industrial lighting

Like bedframes, we often think of lighting as a purely functional home addition. However, copper pendant lights are becoming more and more popular in recent years, and with good reason. In the bedroom especially, copper pendant lights bring forth the perfect blend of youthful energy and relaxing ambience, helping you create the perfect bedroom sanctuary.

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