8 interior design trends that have ruled 2019

8 interior design trends that have ruled 2019

These stylishly stunning home looks have kept us all on-trend for the past 12 months

It’s safe to say that 2019 has been an interesting year. Whether you’re looking at culture, celebrity or politics, things have certainly moved quickly over the past 12 months.

But one area in which 2019 has really shone is interior design. We all know that interior design trends come and go like seasons, but this year has seen the introduction of some truly stunning home looks which have already left a mark.

If you’re thinking about sprucing up your living space then these 2019 trends are the inspiration you need. These are the looks which have transformed our homes over the last year, and their legacy is sure to continue long into the new decade.


Lots of layers

The timeless art of layering made a comeback in the later half of 2019. This helps to evoke a lived-in feeling in even the most minimalist spaces, with throws upon throws, cushions over cushions, thick rugs and hefty curtains. Layering brings a sense of depth to the home while also making things undeniably cosy.


Sultry shades

Neutral tones have been the thing for a few years now, but a touch of bold colour is also very welcome. However, 2019 taught us all that these colours don’t necessarily have to be bright. Rich shades like deep teal, olive green and aubergine can help bring the personality to your home while also adding a sense of decadence and luxury.


Glorious geometrics

Geometrics came back in a big way this year, taking over everything from furniture designs to fabrics to tiles. These simple yet interesting patterns offer an instant way to bring architecture into the home, bringing shapes and lines that feel at once both clean and fun.


Chameleon colours

There are many factors to consider when appraising colours. The first thing to consider is the fact that a hue never looks quite the same on the walls as it does in the paint tin. But what about colours that look dramatically different in changing light? 2019 saw the rise of shifting colours, like blues and greens and yellows which alter throughout the day depending on the light levels. This theme has gained real popularity in the last 12 months.


Keeping it cosy

Mixing textures and fibres was a big trend in 2019, combining materials like wool, cotton leather, wood and stone. Not only does this make your living room feel so much cosier, but it also helps you celebrate the natural world in your home. In our technology-driventime, it’s nice to revert back to simpler times and sensations.


Impressive imperfections

Wabi-Sabi is the Japanese way of thinking which celebrates natural imperfections, idolizing organic designs, shapes and textures. This philosophy has made its way into the interior design world, with more and more people abandoning their hunt for perfect symmetry in favour of a more natural approach.


Relaxation station

In recent years, we’ve all become more open and understanding when it comes to mental health, and this is evidenced by changes to interior design. People are coming to appreciate the importance of elements like natural light, bright colours and leafy plants in making their house feel like a home.


Creative curves

2019 was the year when we truly discovered the power of shapes. In particular, the shapes of your sofas and chairs can have a huge impact on the way your living space looks and feels, and this year designers really went outside the box. Scalloped edges, soft forms and curled arms were just some of the features to stand out in 2019.

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