8 fun ways to cover your bare walls

8 fun ways to cover your bare walls



There’s no excuse for boring blank wall space with these unexpected tips

Every property owner is tasked with the challenge of making their house feel like a home, and a big part of succeeding in this challenge is covering up blank walls with delightful knick-knacks and accessories.

But once you’ve exhausted your supply of large framed artworks and mirrors, it can be difficult to know what to do next when it comes to your wall space.

That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide with some of the most fun and unexpected ways to spruce up your home and cover up those bare walls. Let’s take a look.


Show off your style

Hanging your clothes on a bare wall might sound strange, but the effect can be incredible if you select the right pieces. Whether a selection of summer dresses, an array of shoes on open shelving or a series of hats dotting the wall, showing off your style can be both practical and a fun way of spicing up your space.


Create a home gallery

Hanging artwork can be a case of quality and quantity when you choose lots of smaller works rather than one staple piece. By framing and hanging a range of postcards, photographs and images, you can create a home gallery that brings interest into the room.


Hang a rug

A rug? On the wall? Believe us, it can work. Like a tapestry or rustic piece of art, the right rug can actually look more at home hanging on the wall than lying on the floor. Look for something with a colour palette or pattern that really catches the eye and reflects your tastes.


Try decorative curtains

Curtains don’t necessarily need to hang only where there are windows. Hanging curtains over a bare wall is a great way to think outside the box with home design, especially if you want to add some emphasis to a focal point like an artwork or mirror. You can also use curtains to separate an alcove from the rest of the room, creating a sense of privacy for a dressing area or pantry.


Display your trinkets

If you consider yourself to be something of a collector when it comes to ornaments and knick-knacks, be proud of that fact by showing off your treasures! Whether through shelving or by artfully hanging your items on hooks, this is a great way to truly make your home feel like yours.


Go for open shelving

Speaking of shelves, open shelving is a fantastic way to add more storage to your living space while also giving you the opportunity to show off your finest items. From potted plants and photographs to ornaments and books, open or floating shelves provide a platform for showing off your personality that can be constantly changed and updated.


Freshen up with floating planters

Floating planters are potted plants that fix directly onto your wall, allowing the plants to rise and cover up blank spaces, or else artfully drape down to create a cascade of fresh greenery. And because plants have been shown to improve focus, freshen up a space and lift your mood, there’s no reason not to swap out a plain wall with a touch of foliage.


Get creative

If you’re the creative type, when not see a blank wall and your own personal blank canvas? Nothing makes your home feel more personal to you than creating something with your own two hands.

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