7 reasons to fall in love with city living

7 reasons to fall in love with city living

Cities are exciting, historical, cultural, colourful and full of things to see and do. Here are just a few reasons you may wish to live closer to the action. 

It’s personal preference whether we’d rather plant our roots in the city or the countryside. Some of us might feel like we prefer a more rural location, a little further removed from the rest of society, but there’s a lot to be said for finding yourself right where the action is.

It’s predicted that over 92% of UK residents will live in cities by 2030, so why are we so drawn to city life?



Cities are the ideal place to find culture and history. From museums and galleries to historic points of interest, there’s always something to see and learn. Living in the city can teach you things you didn’t know about the wider world, both past and present. From Nelson’s Column to Edinburgh Castle, cities are full of stories.


Transport links

Ironically, one great thing about living in a city is the ability to go somewhere else! Cities are hives of activity but they are also the hub of transport links such as rail networks. This makes hopping on a train or bus quick and easy, enabling you to explore the rest of the country. City living means the ability to be anywhere, anytime. It’s pure freedom.



Living in a city means living amongst thousands of other people all going about their daily lives. This results in a faster-paced atmosphere with much more going on. Who knows who you might meet, or what opportunities you might come across? You could bump into your next relationship, or find your perfect new job.



As mentioned earlier, there’s always something going on in the city. Cities are known for their hustle-and-bustle way of life, and this can help keep you more active and get you out there and doing things. From events to festivals to concerts, there’s no excuse to be sitting at home twiddling your thumbs when you live in the city.



Retail therapy is a lot easier when you have the choices of shops found in the city. From high street chains to vintage stores, from knick-knacks to designer labels, you can easily while away an afternoon window shopping.



Life is difficult to plan. Things change all the time, and city living accommodates for these changes better than being out in the country. When you live in the city, you can make last minute plans, go out for the evening, visit somewhere or someone, all without worrying about how you’re going to get home again.



If cities are exciting during the day, they are even more alive after the sun sets. From restaurants to bars to nightclubs to concerts, there is just as much to do at 12am as there is at 12pm, meaning you don’t have to live your life around a schedule.


Find your next home in an incredible city full of culture, fun, history and opportunity

Having been voted the number one city in the world to live in by Mercer, Edinburgh is one example of an amazing city backdrop to your daily routine. From the highest point of Calton HIll to the depths of the old city catacombs, there’s always something you haven’t seen before. This summer is set to be full of festivals, events and fun.

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