5 tips for the perfect guest bedroom

5 tips for the perfect guest bedroom

Take your spare room from so-so to spectacular with these suggestions

It can be difficult to know what to do with a spare room. The danger is that your indecision will lead to a room without much of a purpose at all.

One option is to turn your spare room into a guest bedroom. Creating a stunning guest bedroom is a fantastic way to use the space to add a whole new element to your home.

A guest bedroom gives family and friends a home away from home to enjoy when they come to see you, but how do you make sure the room’s design does it justice? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with these fool-proof décor tips. Happy hosting!

Start with bedding

You might think of bedding as a finishing touch when it comes to bedroom design, but we suggest actually beginning the process by finding the perfect bedspread for your guest bedroom. This offers up a ready-made colour scheme, and will dictate the ambience you’re trying to create with your room. If your bedding is bright and fun, chances are you’re going to end up with a funky, modern space. Similarly, if you go for more traditional, subdued bedding, your guest room may end up looking more neutral and classic.

Create a colour palette

Once you’ve chosen your bedding, you can use it as inspiration for the rest of your colours. Pick out the shades that feature in your bedding and think of hues which complement them. This will make up the palette that you should stick to throughout the entire design process, creating a fully realised and cohesive guest bedroom look. If you like, you can even opt for a monochromatic colour scheme by simply picking different shades of the same colour. When this kind of risk pays off, it can create stunning results which are both relaxed and bold.

Make it eye-catching yet adaptable

Remember, you’re not going to be the one staying in your guest bedroom, so it can’t just be perfectly suited to your tastes. You need to choose design elements which are going to please everybody, or at least most people. Think of those home additions which pretty much everyone loves, such as houseplants, natural light and wall art.

Just because you’re trying to please everyone however, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and take risks with your design. A couple of unusual or brighter elements will help your guest bedroom stick in the minds of those who use it, so don’t be afraid to have fun!

Going neutral?

Of course, if you’d prefer to stick to neutral elements then you can still create a decadent and daring guest bedroom design.

Neutral tones like creams, beiges and whites can work wonderfully as a backdrop to your bedroom, creating a bright and relaxing space for guests to enjoy. However, adding a few bolder elements such as a colourful piece of wall art or some metallic ornaments can add a new layer of luxury to the room.

Think like a guest

It’s not all about the way things look when you’re decorating a guest bedroom. You also need to think about how your guests are going to use the space, and provide accordingly. Including factors like a reading lamp, blackout blinds, a charging station and travel-sized toiletries can really give your family and friends the luxury hotel experience when they come to stay at your house.

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