5 stunning seaside spots in Edinburgh

5 stunning seaside spots in Edinburgh

Put on your sunglasses and grab the ice cream, summer is just around the corner in the Scottish capital.

Anyone looking at traditional tourist photos of Edinburgh would be forgiven for assuming that it’s landlocked. The Scottish capital evokes images of bustling streets, historical sites and iconic views, but it’s all too easy to forget that this exciting city is also located right beside the sea.

And now that summer is finally on the horizon, it’s time to take advantage of all the picturesque seaside spots Edinburgh has to offer. From Portobello to Newhaven, there are plenty of places you can visit to break up the fun of the city with the serenity of the sea.

North Queensferry

Travelling around ten miles from the city centre will take you towards Fife, and the quiet seaside settlement of North Queensferry. A truly unforgettable view over the Firth of Forth awaits you in this picturesque Scottish haven, and you’ll never get closer to the Scottish icons: the Forth Bridge and the Forth Rail Bridge. What’s more, there are also plenty of quaint shops and pleasant pubs to explore, including hot meals to fuel you for your return to the excitement of the city centre. Or, if you fancy staying longer, there are several fantastic Bed and Breakfasts to choose from.

Did you know? The oldest inhabited house in the village was once the Black Cat Inn. In the early 20th century, a mysterious passage into the sea was uncovered beneath the floorboards.


Cramond is a little closer to the city centre than North Queensferry, so it’s easy to drift back and forth between this sleepy settlement and the bustling city streets. Cramond is a suburb in the north-west of Edinburgh, situated at the mouth of the River Almond where it enters the Firth of Forth. Here you can enjoy the lull of quiet village life amongst stunning architecture and unique amenities.

Did you know? One of the UK’s most important Roman statues, the ‘Cramond Lioness’, was discovered here in 1997 by a fisherman, quite by accident!


Portobello is a beautiful coastal suburb of Edinburgh, with a reputation for being an idyllic beach resort – at least when the weather permits. Located just three miles east of the city centre, it’s in a prime location for a break from the city noise before hitting the shops and museums again. There are also great transport links between it and the city centre. In Portobello, you can enjoy both the calming seaside and the beautiful architecture of the surrounding buildings. Even when the inclement Scottish weather rears its head there’s no shortage of character to Portobello and you can spy many a walker wrapping up warm and enjoying a view that changes every day.

Did you know? The famous British staple — the ‘99’ ice cream cone — was created in Portobello at 99 Portobello Road.


Newhaven is located only a couple of miles from the city centre, between Leith and Granton, so it’s easy to enjoy a trip to the seaside between sightseeing. One of the most distinctive features of Newhaven is its architecture, as its ‘forestair’ homes are typical of traditional Scottish fishing villages. You can also enjoy the views from the harbour and the famous lighthouse, as well as many lively bars and restaurants serving local seafood.

Did you know? The Armada Stone is a famous Newhaven relic that is said to commemorate the sinking of Spanish Armada ships in the storm of 1588.

South Queensferry

The historic suburb of South Queensferry offers a beautiful beach, boat trips, local wildlife and great views of Edinburgh’s iconic bridges — everything you need for a seaside getaway! Dalmeny station is located nearby, and the train can have you back in the fun of the city in just 15 minutes.

Did you know? The Ferry Fair takes place every year in South Queensferry, and is a local tradition dating back to the 12th century. Pipe bands, competitions and a float procession join the festivities as a local schoolgirl is crowned the Ferry Fair Queen.

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