5 simple steps to a truly luxurious bedroom

5 simple steps to a truly luxurious bedroom

Here’s how to create a bedroom you can’t wait to get home to…

The bedroom is arguably the most intimate space in your home, meaning it is a place that should reflect you and your tastes more than any other room. There are endless options when it comes to the perfect bedroom, from a modern look to something classic and traditional, but one thing we all strive for in our décor is a sense of luxury.

Paying attention to the larger and smaller details of your room can help you achieve the luxury look to make your boudoir a sanctuary for relaxation and enjoyment, not just a practical place for hitting the hay. We’re here to talk you through the basics of a beautiful bedroom, so let’s get started. Here are five simply steps to a truly luxurious bedroom.

Step 1: Colour

Colour is the Most Valuable Player when it comes to decorating any space. The hues you use will instantly set the tone of the space, so be sure to choose wisely. Will you go light or dark? Bold or neutral? Warm or cool? For a luxurious look, consider opting for a more neutral colour as your base for your walls, like a warm grey or off-white, and then adding pops of richer colour throughout in the form of curtains, cushions and artwork. Emerald green, navy and deep crimson red all tick the box of being luxurious while also bringing a touch of drama to the space.

Step 2: Lighting

If colour is the most valuable décor attribute, then lighting is your hidden weapon. We often downplay the importance of lighting, writing it off as a purely practical addition. But the right lighting can have a huge impact on the look and feel of your bedroom. Soft lightings, warm light tones and more dramatic additions like spotlights can all increase the feel of luxury in your bedroom.

Step 3: Centrepiece

The bed should be the centrepiece of any bedroom. The colours of your bedspread and the positioning of the furniture itself will dictate how the rest of your bedroom looks and feels, so think carefully about what kind of vibe you want to give off. A bed in dark tones placed against the wall will give off a cosy yet adolescent vibe, while centring your bed in the middle of your room is the best way to create a luxurious feel. You can add to this by choosing bedding in a warm, neutral shade, like a creamy almost-gold.

Step 4: Symmetry

Symmetry is key for both a luxury setting and a setting which is generally just pleasing to the eye. As dictated by the age-old art of Feng Shui, symmetry brings good energy and aesthetic prowess to any space, so it’s definitely something you should keep in mind when perfecting your luxury bedroom.

The easiest way to put this into practice?

With a bedside table on either side of your bed and matching bedside lights on each one. This will also help make your bed feel like even more of a spectacle.

Step 5: Texture

Luxury design isn’t all about the way things look, it’s also about how they feel. Velvets, silks, faux furs, plush pillows and soft rugs are all touches we associate with comfort and luxury, making them perfect for the bedroom. From an aesthetic perspective, including a wide range of textures to your bedroom also brings depth and homeliness to the space.

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