5 little touches that make your house feel like a home

5 little touches that make your house feel like a home


Sometimes, the smallest touch can make the biggest difference

Now more than ever, we all want to feel comfortable in our own homes. After all, the wild events of 2020 have forced most of us to spend more time at home than we ever have before. But redecorating, remodelling and refurnishing entire rooms of our homes requires time, costs and resources that many of us aren’t able or willing to access right now.

Thankfully, you don’t always need to make huge changes in order to make a huge difference. In fact, there are certain small things you can do to instantly make your house or apartment feel more homely.

Here are five little touches to make your house feel like a home. Let’s take a look.


Curate your bookshelves

Bare bookshelves are a sight for sore eyes, while a full bookshelf instantly brings a sense of warmth, welcome and interest. Think of your bookshelves not just as storage units, but as an opportunity to express yourself and put your personality on display.

There are many options here, from showing off your favourite novels to interspersing books with photographs and knick-knacks that mean something. You could even go down a more artistic route and organise your books by colour, creating a stunning rainbow effect.


Address those blank walls

Like bare bookshelves, blank walls are the enemy of cosiness. Whether through statement wall art, framed posters, feature wallpaper or family photos, filling up your blank wall space will instantly make your living space feel more lived in.

One great and cost-effective option is to gather together any postcards, photographs and prints you have lying around. Try to put together a selection that complements each other, then invest in some cheap frames and create your own at-home gallery wall.


Bring the outdoors in

Plants are a must have in any home. Not only do plants and flowers look great, but studies show they can actually benefit your health and wellbeing too. Plants purify the air in your home, and evoke greater feelings of positivity, energy and productivity.

Give your living space a stunning floral display that really catches the eye, or else invest in a few potted plants to dot around your home for that extra burst of freshness. The end result will be a home that feels far more inviting.


Create centrepieces

Every room needs a focal point, and ideally this shouldn’t just be your television or bed. A large statement piece of wall art, a feature wall or a floral centrepiece can all work as a delightful way to draw the eye and give your room focus.

If you’re feeling creative, consider creating vignettes: collections of objects grouped together on side tables, coffee tables and mantels for interesting and artistic arrangements. Anything can work in a vignette, from found objects and collectibles to plants, vases, lamps and ornaments. This is a great opportunity to bring a sense of unity and really tell a story.


Think in three dimensions

Considering walls and floors is important, but what about all that space between the walls? Aspects like furniture placement and layout can have a huge effect on how a room looks and feels, so try to look at your living space with fresh eyes to see what layout would work best.

And don’t forget about height either. Hanging plants, pan racks in the kitchen, or fairy lights draped across the bedroom ceiling can all bring a new dimension to your home design.

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