3 Ingenious Storage Solutions For New-Build Apartments

3 Ingenious Storage Solutions For New-Build Apartments

Clutter and new-build apartments rarely go together. Flick through the pages of an interior design magazine and you will be hard-pressed to find apartment scenes featuring mountains of books, ramshackle rows of pots and pans, or any of those idiosyncrasies that add character and charm to a stately home or farmhouse. 

You don’t have to throw away the paperbacks or give up cooking to enjoy apartment living. But you may need to be just that that little bit more ingenious when it comes to storing worldly possessions. 


Here are three space-saving rules to make the most out of your apartment.


Break the fourth wall

Once upon a time, walls were home to family portraits, uplighters and not much else. In the 21st century city apartment, however, using walls for storage has become increasingly popular – both as a practical solution for keeping rooms tidy and as an eye-catching design feature. 

In modern apartments where open-plan living has become the norm, walls are often sacrificed entirely in favour of a sturdy bookshelf or cabinet. This not only offers an effective solution to storage problems but also succeeds in dividing spaces in a softer, subtler way than boxing off rooms entirely.

Nowhere is it more important to be economical with space than in the kitchen. Larder cupboards and carousels are now a mainstay of the home, but the other secret to maximizing storage space is to build upwards rather than out into a room. Fitting cupboards and shelving high along the back wall of a kitchen can help to keep your crockery and appliances out of sight, whilst also allowing you to retain floor and worktop space elsewhere.


Make the most out of dead space

Perhaps the best-kept bedroom secret of all is that gap between your wardrobe and wall. Instead of allowing that space to gather dust and go to waste, why not make the most of the hidden space? A well-placed shelving unit can cater for those belongings that you need to keep within easy reach but out of plain sight. 

If your space is more of a thin sliver than a gaping chasm, why not attach a few hooks to the wall instead? Hang a couple of coats or even your ironing board here and save valuable room elsewhere in the home.


Make your furniture do the work for you


Furniture is greedy when it comes to floor space. Pack in too much and your home can quickly shift from light and airy to cramped and oppressive. If you find yourself dodging furniture on the way to the kitchen or negotiating a slalom to access the bathroom, chances are you need to pare down your furniture collection and make each piece work that little bit harder. 

In a city apartment good furniture has to earn its place in a room by being both flexible and versatile. Clever storage compartments in chairs can hide away belongings while beds and coffee tables with drawers can provide the perfect home for towels, linens and magazines.

For those who like to host, being able to offer table space to your once-a-month guests should not mean that you feel cramped for the rest of the time. Fold-out tables are a great option for such occasions and they tend to be both more robust and easy on the eye than you might think.

Like to work from home? A floating desk along one wall is a great way to give yourself a versatile space from which you can bring the office to you.

However you like to design your new-build apartment space, Quartermile is the perfect place for those who never like to be far from Edinburgh’s city centre. Once complete, the development will feature more than 1050 luxury apartments in Edinburgh’s most desirable postcode. 

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