12 colours to enhance the sense of space in your home right now

12 colours to enhance the sense of space in your home right now


From grey to green and plenty in between, these are the shades you should be considering 

If spending so much time at home is making you feel claustrophobic, we’ve got you covered. These 12 shades can help even small spaces feel more expansive and inviting. Let’s take a look.


Beautiful beige

As far as neutral colours go, beige remains one of the warmest and most welcoming options. Lighter beige tones help to make the most of the natural light for a sunny, pleasing glow that lasts throughout the day.

Obliging off-white

White is the obvious choice for making the most of natural light in a smaller space, but it can feel a little clinical. Go for a creamy off-white instead for a warmer, less intense alternative.

Peaceful purple

Purple is a daring choice for any space – a colour we associate with decadence and royalty. But opting for lighter options like lilac allows you to enjoy the excitement of purple while still keeping things slightly subdued. In large spaces, purple can feel a little overwhelming, but smaller rooms can really benefit from it.

Gorgeous greys

Light greys are a great alternative to white, while even darker greys work well in smaller spaces by offering a modern, industrial feel reminiscent of a spa. Stone grey shades use their natural beauty to offer a vibe that’s both chic and cosy.

Soaring sky blue

In a smaller bedroom, sky blue offers a dreamy hue that promotes relaxation and helps the space feel more expansive.

Terrific turquoise

A misty turquoise shade brings a beachy quality into your home, opening up the imagination of even the smallest space. Try pairing it with creamy neutral décor, such as an off-white dressing table in the bedroom.

Cosy coffee-brown

Not every colour you use in a smaller room needs to try and make the space feel bigger. Sometimes, embracing the cosiness of your living space is the best option, and coffee brown is one of the best options for this. Rich, deep browns create a sense of intimacy which is hard to resist.

Perfect pearl

You’d be forgiven for thinking that grey is a dull option, but with so many shades to choose from, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Pearly shades have a touch of luminosity to them, playing with the changing light and shadow throughout the day to create a space that feels almost otherworldly.

Youthful yellow

Yellow is an energising colour full of positivity, and lighter yellow tones serve to enhance the look and feel of any space, especially when paired with white or cream accents. From kitchens to kid’s bedrooms, yellow is the perfect option for any sunny space.

Pretty peacock

Don’t limit your palette just because the room you’re working with is on the small side. A bold shade can add depth and confidence to a space which might otherwise be forgotten or undermined. Peacock blue is a great way to achieve this, offering a unique shade that’s at once both vibrant and relaxing.

Simple sage

A subdued mossy green with a hint of grey will blend with any foliage you can spy through the windows, making the space feel almost endless. These lighter shades work beautifully alongside whites and light, pearly greys.

Bashful blush

A soft shade of pink will add warmth to a small room without overpowering it. If you’re worried about it making the space feel to frilly, try pairing it with bold black and grey accents for a modern twist.

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