10 ways to bring a sense of luxury into your home

10 ways to bring a sense of luxury into your home


Any home can feel like the height of sophistication with these top tips

We all know how fantastic it feels to arrive at a hotel and be welcomed with a sumptuous, luxurious space. From freshly pressed sheets to thick-pile carpets, every aspect of a great hotel room seems to ooze decadence, so why not recreate this feeling in your own home?

You might think bringing luxury into your home is an impossible task, but we’re here to inspire you to think otherwise. Here are ten incredible (and incredibly simple) ways to introduce a touch of decadence into your interior design.

Create a lavish boudoir

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, and that’s exactly what it should feel like. Create an attractive space that speaks to your tastes, allowing the bed to take centre stage with a high quality mattress and eye-catching bedding. You can then use your bed to inspire the rest of the room, including bedside tables, wall art and perhaps a cosy armchair.

Find some in-spa-ration

The bathroom often becomes something of an afterthought when it comes to interior design, but taking your time creating a luxurious bathroom environment can elevate the feel of your home as a whole. Take your inspiration from sophisticated spas, including features like plush towels, a statement shower curtain and scents and soaps galore.

Make a good first impression

Your home’s entrance is just as important as any other space, so think of hotel lobbies when decorating your hall. A small entrance table featuring a pretty lamp, potpourri or a stand out flower arrangement is a good place to start. Above the table, you can add a mirror or a piece of wall art to bring the space together.

Dress your windows

Window dressings are surprisingly influential when it comes to transforming your interior setting, so don’t just put up some blinds and call it a day. Consider which curtains would bring the most luxury to the space, exploring materials such as linens, silks and damasks.

Make it both classy and comfortable

Luxury hotels don’t just look good, they’re also pleasant to be in due to their high comfort levels. Plenty of soft furnishings will help you amp up the cosy factor in your home, while effective heating and cooling systems will ensure your home is kept at a comfortable temperature.

Let there be light

The right lighting can bring a real sense of elegance to a space, whether it’s a chandelier in the dining room or a quirky pendant light in the living room. Consider options like wall sconces in the bedroom or cabinet lighting in the kitchen to really capture that hotel feel.

Use the space

No matter how big or small, every space in your home should be well organised. Consider how you use a space and plan your layout around it, making the most attractive feature into the centrepiece. You can also consider bespoke furniture solutions to make use of any awkward corners or nooks.

Bring the outside in

Not only do plants and flowers look great, but they have also been shown to increase energy levels and feelings of positivity when we include them in our home design. Add a floral centrepiece to your dining room table, or a selection of potted plants to your kitchen windowsill – however you choose to do it, make greenery a staple part of your décor.

Decorate in layers

Luxury spaces are interesting spaces, with lots of elements to see and touch. This means decorating with many different textures, like a hardwood floor topped with a plush rug and upholstered seating, complete with eye-catching soft furnishings.

Make space for recreation

Turn your home into a space made for your passions. Nothing makes a home feel more like a luxury space tailored to you than being able to carry out your favourite activities at any time. This might mean outlining a corner of the room as a yoga station, or using décor to separate one end of the dining table as a designated writing area.

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