Why We should Celebrate Edinburgh in 2017

Why We should Celebrate Edinburgh in 2017

Call us biased, but we firmly believe that Edinburgh is one of the world’s greatest cities. And thanks to its eclectic mix of old and new, life in Edinburgh always guarantees something fresh and exciting for locals. So, while it would be fair to say that 2016 has been something of a turbulent year for people around the world, we want to fill you with optimism and look ahead towards a great year in the Scottish capital.


Celebrating the old…

Despite its name, 2017 marks 250 years of the New Town, with the area’s very first structure built in 1767. The construction of this first building marked the start of an architectural revolution, a young architect’s vision of a new, iconic and orderly way of living in comparison to the Old Town, which still is a winding labyrinth of streets. Architect James Craig’s designs are now part of Edinburgh’s UNESCO World Heritage Site and the centrepiece of the city we know and love today.

Continuing the theme of celebrating Edinburgh’s history and heritage, 2017 is also the 70th year of the Edinburgh International Festival, the Edinburgh International Film Festival and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, three celebrations that bring millions of visitors to the city each year. The Fringe is officially the largest arts festival in the world, and last year alone saw more than 50,000 performances in 294 venues across the three-week period. We couldn’t mention iconic events without giving a nod to Burns Night. Taking place on Wednesday 25th January, venues across the entire city will be paying tribute to poet Robert Burns’ life and works in the most fantastic way, and this year’s annual celebrations are set to be the biggest and best yet.


…and the new

Proud as it is of its heritage, Edinburgh is not simply a city that lives in the past: far from it. A vibrant commercial centre and cosmopolitan idyll, there promises to be something for everyone to enjoy in 2017.

The Queensferry Crossing is set to open in May of this year, and for residents and visitors alike the introduction of the bridge, which connects the city with Fife and the North of Scotland, will be a welcome addition to the city’s infrastructure. Not only that, but this £1.35bn construction promises to be a stunning feat of architecture.

At Edinburgh Zoo, the residents can expect to be joined by a whole troop of new additions in April as theatre production company Grid Iron put on a family-friendly show in conjunction with the Royal Lyxceum Theatre and Lung Ha Theatre Company, which works with performers with learning disabilities. The show will be about the travels of a “cryptozoologist” and will be set in the grounds of the zoo itself, across both indoor and outdoor spaces.  

Fans of the silver screen will delight at the return of cult film Trainspotting with its sequel, T2: Trainspotting, following some 20 years after the first film put Danny Boyle, Ewan McGregor and, in some ways, Leith firmly on the map.


Discover more

The sheer variety of festivals, events and activities available across the city means that there is so much more to discover in 2017. The Hidden Door Festival is always a must-visit for tourists and residents with the week-long festival providing a stage for the world’s emerging art talent. Edinburgh Castle is home to several events during summer 2017, and welcomes the world’s most prolific music artists for your entertainment alongside the annual Edinburgh Royal Military Tattoo from 4th to 26th August.

Free attractions are also in abundance throughout the city, making it possible to see and do plenty on the strictest of budgets. The National Museum of Scotland, Museum of Edinburgh, Museum of Childhood, City Art Centre, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Dovecot Studios and the National Galleries are just some of the venues offering free entry and plenty of fun for all the family.

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