What’s On: Exhibition edition

What’s On: Exhibition edition


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There’s nothing more soothing than strolling around a light and airy art gallery. This autumn there are a number of exhibitions to explore at your leisure in Edinburgh. Let us give you a run down of a few of the best you’ll find within easy reach of Quartermile.


Fashioning a Reign: 90 Years of the Queen’s Style (21 Apr – 16 Oct)

Open daily between 0930–1800


As a celebration of the Queen's 90th birthday, which took place earlier this year, the Palace at Holyroodhouse is currently showcasing a very special exhibition entitled Fashioning a Reign. Take a glimpse into the Queen’s wardrobe, both past and present, and view some of the exquisite pieces of clothing she has worn throughout her reign. Starting in the 1930s during Her Majesty’s childhood, the exhibition charts every chapter in the monarch’s life through the clothes that have been worn for important state occasions and even some less formal gatherings.

This exciting exhibition includes a wide spanning collection of garments including dresses, jewellery and accessories through to stunning pieces of royal dress during her reign. Each piece has its own story to tell and goes into detail about the designers and milliners who have crafted clothes for the Queen over the decades.

Entry to this exhibit is included in the admission fee to the Palace of Holyrood.


Wildlife Photographer of the Year (16 Sep – 19 Feb)


Is there anything more awe inspiring than the natural world? The extraordinary Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition run by London’s Natural History Museum has toured the world since 1990, enabling photography fans to enjoy the most breathtaking images at a venue near them.

This world-renowned exhibition features 100 award-winning photographs that show the wonders of the Earth at their majestic and sometimes fragile best. From powerful landscapes to fascinating wildlife this event is a must-see for all the family.


Inspiring Impressionism: Daubigny, Monet and Van Gogh (25 Jun – 2 Oct)


‘Inspiring impressionism’ is an ambitious exhibition born out of this year’s Arts Festival. This fascinating collaboration between the National Galleries of Scotland, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and the Taft Museum of Art in Cincinatti, has already received rave reviews and should not be missed by art fans this autumn.


Held at the Scottish National Gallery, this exhibition brings together key works from the Impressionist era. The exhibition is made up of over 100 pictures, with a focus on three cornerstones of the Impressionist movement; Charles François Daubigny, Claude Monet, and Vincent van Gogh. By combining the works of such acclaimed artists in one collection, visitors are able to truly appreciate how the great Impressionists influenced each other.


Out of their Heads | Building Portraits of Scottish Architects (11th Jun − 5th Feb)

A free exhibition held at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Out of their Heads showcases the very best Scottish architects and some of their award-winning designs. This exhibition is one of many events to form part of Scotland’s year-long celebration of achievements in architecture, innovation and design.


Painting Paradise: The Art of the Garden (5 Aug – 19 Feb)

Open daily between 0930–1800 

We’ve long known that the garden is more than just another room in our home. It’s a place that can act as a recreational space, a sanctuary, a hub for the family or a private haven for those seeking solitude. Painting Paradise: The Art of the Garden is a thoughtful exhibition taking a look at the idea of the garden and how it has been portrayed in art over the past four centuries. 

The exhibition includes paintings, drawings, botanical studies, books and manuscripts – many of which date back to the 18th century. Visitors can enjoy works by greats such as Leonardo da Vinci and Rembrandt van Rijn as they meander through the halls of The Queen’s Gallery at the Palace of Holyroodhouse. 

Wish you lived closer to the very best exhibition spaces in the Scottish capital? Why not check out The Apartments here at Quartermile today.

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