Transform your apartment for 2018 (no matter how little time you have)

Transform your apartment for 2018 (no matter how little time you have)

Whether you’ve got two days or two minutes to spare, here’s how to freshen up your apartment for the new year

 As January gets underway, we all love the idea of sprucing up our interior design as a way of marking a fresh start for the New Year. But with family life, work, household duties and social commitments all eating into our schedules, it becomes extremely difficult to find the time to commit to a large-scale design project.

Which is why we’ve put together this essential guide for anyone who wants to improve their apartment aesthetic without committing every evening and weekend for 6 months. It doesn’t matter whether you can spare a single weekend or just a few hours (or even minutes), here are the simple ways to transform your apartment in 2018.


If you’ve got a weekend…

Add a fresh coat of paint

A spare weekend is all you need to freshen up your apartment in the most effective way, with a fresh coat of paint. This could simply be touching up on a colour you’re already familiar with, but why not take the new year as an opportunity to find a brand new hue that adds a little more life and colour to your home? Get started on Saturday morning, add a few coats over the weekend and by Monday you’ve got a stunning new look for your apartment.

Do a deep clean

Alternatively, a weekend is a great opportunity to perform a really thorough deep clean. Sometimes taking items out of your home is much more effective than simply adding more stuff, so be brutal and trim the fat within your home. Try to only leave behind the items you use and love. Remember, a spring clean isn’t just for spring.


If you’ve got a day…

Create a feature wall

You might not be able to redecorate your entire apartment in a day, but what you can do is create a feature wall which transforms the way your space looks and feel. There are several ways to do this, either with a bold colour choice, a statement wallpaper, a collection of artworks or by using wall stencils. It’s all about what suits you and your style.

Add a few pops of colour

If a feature wall isn’t for you, use your day to add a few pops of colour and interest throughout your entire apartment. Some colourful ornaments, wall prints, patterned soft furnishings and additions of bright paint speckled throughout a space can really brighten it up, without taking up too much time or money.


If you’ve got half a day…

Turn photos into features

Use a spare afternoon to add a personal touch to your apartment. This is a great opportunity to go through some old photographs and find your favourites. Once you’ve got a selection, get them printed and framed and turn them into a decorative feature in your home, whether it’s a collage, a vertical display, or traditional mantlepiece accompaniments.

Shop and replace

With a few spare hours, you can really make a difference in your apartment by shopping for and swapping out a few key pieces. Take a look at your home with a keen eye and look out for any knick-knacks or accessories like curtains and bedding which are looking tired or plain. Make yourself a list and hit the shops, finding fresh, exciting pieces to brighten up your home. A colourful rug or patterned bedspread can make all the difference.


If you’ve got an hour…

Change up your layout

With an hour, you might not be able to add much to your home but you can certainly rearrange what’s already there. A change of layout is a great way to help you see a space differently, so consider whether your living area, kitchen and bedroom are set up in the best way to accommodate your daily routine.

Rearrange your books

Books aren’t just a fantastic way to pass the time and spark the imagination, they also make great additions to your décor! Bookshelves are a great place to display your personality with your favourite volumes and ornaments, so take 60 minutes to make sure yours are arranged in the best way to complement the space, add colour and interest, and reflect you.

Shop for fresh flowers

Houseplants don’t just look good — they actually do you good too. Plants and flowers help keep the air in your home fresh, whilst also boosting your wellbeing by encouraging energy and relaxation. Head along to your local florist for a few bright, colourful, fresh additions to your apartment décor.


If you’ve got 30 minutes…

Hang some new wall art

In half an hour you can watch an episode of your favourite sit com or you can transform your apartment with wall art. Wall art is one of the most versatile aspects we use in interior design. It can be a centrepiece, it can add colour, it can reflect your style and you can arrange it in practically any way you want to, so don’t be afraid to be creative. Print off some of your favourite online prints and create a stunning collage.

Spruce up your soft furnishings

Like wall art, your soft furnishings can easily add colour and interest to your apartment without committing to a full redecoration. Look out for cushions and throws with colours and patterns which speak to you and complement your style, then play around with arranging them in the best possible way. A new throw is a great way to spruce up a tired-looking sofa.


If you’ve got 5 minutes…


Even 5 minutes can be enough to make your apartment feel fresh in 2018. All you need is a burst of energy and a dedication to decluttering. A quick tidy of any papers, magazines, mugs and stationary you’ve got lying around is a simple way to keep things clean, and research shows that decluttered kitchen surfaces can even help us stay focused when using the space.


If you’ve got 30 seconds…

Open the windows and curtains

Take 30 seconds to pull back the curtains and open a few windows during the day, and you’ll be amazed how much fresher your apartment feels. A combination of natural light and fresh air will boost your energy levels, increasing your body’s release of serotonin and helping you feel positive and ready for the day ahead.

Spritz some room spray and light some candles

If you can’t do much about the way a room looks in 30 seconds, you can certainly treat your other senses. A spritz of fragranced room spray or lighting a scented candle will perk up the aroma in your apartment, making it feel renewed.

Plump up the cushions

If all you’ve got is thirty seconds to improve the appearance of your apartment, straighten up your rugs, spread out your throws and plump those cushions for a tidier, cleaner, crisper atmosphere. Even this can be enough to help your apartment feel fresher for 2018.

If you have your eye on making a bigger change for 2018. It only takes two minutes to contact the team at Quartermile to arrange a viewing and discover how you could make this a year to remember. Our luxury apartments are located just a stone’s throw from Edinburgh city centre, making them the perfect place to start your property search in 2018. Click here to get in touch.

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