Things That Make a Home

Things That Make a Home

 Whilst there are countless articles across the web sporting rundowns of the best and most up-to-date purchases to decorate or add those finishing touches to your home interior, it is the things that can’t necessarily be bought that really make a home. Here we explore just some of the things that most households can’t live without, things that produce the warm and fuzzy feeling that make your house personal to you.

Its inhabitants – furry or otherwise

Your home simply wouldn’t be home without the people, and creatures, in it. There’s nothing better than seeing your children playing in the domestic space or with your family dog sitting on the rug stretched out and enjoying the sun.

The smells and noises of home

Whether it’s just you and your partner at home or your house or apartment comes complete with children, the hustle and bustle of a working home is something that is always apparent. Most of the time these noises and smells are anything but soothing and calming but let’s face it, the average home would be nothing without them.

The smell of cooking in particular is one thing that gives an instant feeling of homeliness, whilst the clattering of pots and pans that goes with it harbours its own comfort. They say food nourishes the mind, body and soul, and there’s nothing more fulfilling than the aroma and taste of good, home cooked food. We’re drooling already!

Your collection of mismatched mugs

We’d all love to have a crockery set that matches but how come we can’t bring ourselves to get rid of those mismatched plates and mugs? Mug collections in particular seem to be full of memories and quirks. Whether it’s a mug bought as a memento from a day out or one that has been your favourite tea or coffee drinking partner for as long as you can remember, each has its place in your kitchen cupboard and wider home.

Along with your collection of mismatched mugs, you’ve probably built a number of other collections that remind you of times gone by. The things that surround us have the special power to take us back in time, and revisit memories that we thought we’d forgotten. These collections of things aren’t often in the best condition, and you won’t find them in the glossy interior magazines that you glance through to gain inspiration every now and again. But each item’s blemishes, flaws and scratches have their own story to tell. Family heirlooms also have a special place in these collections, and come with stories that stretch back even further.

That comfy spot that’s yours

Everyone has a favourite comfy spot on the sofa, in the armchair or looking out into the garden from a window seat. Wherever your spot is, the fact that it’s yours is another thing that makes a genuine home.

The rituals of family life

From the simple rituals that we go through as a family every day to the seasonal customs that make occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Easter, Christmas and New Year extra special, every family has their own way of doing things. Baking cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve is a great ritual that gets all the family excited for the day and night ahead, whilst a treasure hunt on Easter Sunday takes these traditions outside. With our family rituals come fond memories, and once you get started, you’ll want to create more traditions that can be carried from one year to the next.

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