The most exciting cultural things to experience in Edinburgh right now

The most exciting cultural things to experience in Edinburgh right now


From thought-provoking exhibitions and literary celebrations to wild photography and old favourites, there’s a lot to see and do in the Scottish Capital.

Edinburgh is known to be one of the world’s cultural hotspots, so it comes as no surprise that there are a lot of exciting artistic events and expos to immerse yourself in. But it seems that now more than ever, art lovers and history buffs alike can find endless opportunities in the Scottish Capital. Let’s take a look.


VAS & SSA Together at the RSA

For art lovers, Edinburgh’s latest exhibition is not to be missed. This year Visual Arts Scotland (VAS) and the Society of Scottish Artists (SSA) have brought their shows at the Royal Scottish Academy together, providing more time for the remarkable exhibition to make its impact.

This is a place where the work of young artists can shine. The pieces are eye-catching, thought-provoking and endlessly discussion-worthy, giving off the unique energy that only passionate creators showing off their very best work can do. Most of the work you’ll see here has been selected from a huge submission.

Winner of the SSA award, ‘Untitled’ by Tom Stephenson, is a must-see. This is a colossal gable end and empty fireplace built with barbed wire and railway sleepers — a chillingly haunting tribute to the Highland Clearances.

Other highlights include ‘Erasure’ by Deidre Macleod (an enormous showcase of meticulous drawing skill) and ‘Entropy’ by Aileen A Paton, another largescale piece made from destroyed pages from magazines. Be sure to enjoy this exhibition before it’s too late!   


Muriel Spark: A Centenary Celebration at the Writers Museum

2018 marks 100 years since the birth of one of Scotland’s most famous cultural figures. For those few who aren’t aware, Muriel Sparks was a celebrated novelist, poet, playwright and critic, staking her claim as one of the finest writers of the twentieth century. The acclaim she has received since her death has only added to her popularity.

The Centenary Collection is the most personal portrayal of Sparks you’ll see this year, bringing together a display of specially chosen printed items and artworks connected with the author, as well as a number of dedicated events in a single case display.

The celebration is ongoing until June 30th 2018, giving you plenty of time to pay homage to this literary giant.


Wildlife Photographer of the Year at the National Museum of Scotland

Wildlife Photographer of the Year is the most popular and prestigious photography event of its kind, and has been for more than half a century. The competition launched in 1965 with 361 entries. Now in its 53rd year, it has received nearly 50,000 entries from both professional and amateur photographers from 92 countries.

On loan from the Natural History Museum in London, this exhibition features the best 100 of these entries; a breath-taking insight into the natural beauty, magic and atmosphere of the world around us. The exhibition runs until the end of April, and is free to members and children under 16.

It’s also accompanied by a whole host of events, from photography workshops to a Wild Night Out, so be sure to do your research so you don’t miss out.


There is always culture to be found in the Scottish capital

No matter when you go out in search of history and culture in Edinburgh, you’re sure to find it. Even walking through the cobbled streets of the Old Town is evocative of times gone by. What’s more, with regular Ghost Walks, History Tours and iconic sites like Edinburgh Castle to get familiar with, there’s nowhere more steeped in culture than the stunning city of Edinburgh.

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