The Eateries of Royal Mile

The Eateries of Royal Mile


Connecting the palace of Holyrood and Edinburgh Castle, The Royal Mile is at the heart of Edinburgh Old Town and City. This ancient street is home to classic landmarks such as St. Giles Cathedral as well as some more modern builds like the contemporary Houses of Parliament.

Just a fifteen minute walk from the new-build apartments here at Quartermile, The Royal Mile is the perfect spot to stop for a bite to eat this summer. With an array of fine dining restaurants and informal eating opportunities aplenty, we thought it would be a good idea to take a closer look at just a few of the best.


Amber Restaurant – 354 Castle Hill, Royal Mile


If you want to experience the best of modern Scottish cuisine, take a visit to Amber restaurant and whisky bar next time you are feeling peckish. The casual dining offers the best of fine dining without any of the pretention that can often spoil an evening out. Using the best of Scottish seasonal produce – as they put it themselves ‘seasonality is not just a buzzword here at Amber… if summer is delayed, so are we!’


For the ultimate Scottish food experience, order the ever-popular Taste of Scotland Experience – made up of a ‘trio’ starter, a ‘trio’ main, and dessert matched with a dram of whisky for good measure!


The Witchery – 352 Castle Hill, Royal Mile


A gorgeous traditional menu featuring local seafood, beef, lamb, game and haggis, of course, there is nothing more magical than a meal at the Witchery. The high-end cuisine combined with the sumptuous decor makes for a very special evening that you won’t forget in a hurry.

Set in a sixteenth-century merchant's house, with red leather seating and luscious oak paneling, The Witchery is the perfect location for a special occasion.


Monthieths – 61 High Street, Royal Mile


If you can’t choose between a chic cocktail bar or a restaurant serving fine food for your next night out, then Monthieths is the place for you. With locally sourced produce inspiring some delicious plates - crackling fried squid and venison loin to name but two – there is more than enough to satisfy the most cultured palate. Meanwhile the cocktail menu combines a blend of traditional drinks and innovative new drinks to try out.


Wedgewood – 61 High Street, Royal Mile


The beauty of Wedgwood restaurant is that it has been created by owners, Paul Wedgwood and Lisa Channon, to incorporate all the trappings of their own perfect night out. That for them, means no fusses or frills, just a laid back friendly atmosphere where guests can relax and enjoy a fantastic menu. 

The serene ambience is made all the better by the food on offer. Seasonal produce supplied locally – a common theme – meaning that the food is of the very highest quality. The unique feature of the Wedgwood menu is that it frequently uses foraged foods supplied by Zoologist, Ben Robe. These ingredients are handpicked from the woods and river banks from around Edinburgh, and certainly adds an extra element of intrigue to a memorable dining experience. Just one example from a recent menu would be the Crab and Mango ‘Cannelloni' and Coriander and Pink Pepper Crusted Buccleuch Estate Beef Fillet Carpaccio.  


Angels with bagpipes – 343 High Street, Royal Mile

Having opened in 2010, Angels with Bag Pipes is a fairly new eatery to Royal Mile but has quickly established itself as one of the most popular restaurants in the Scottish capital. Its modern yet traditional design makes it the perfect environment for a relaxing meal. The local, seasonal produce forms the perfect basis to this Scottish menu.

Looking to move closer to the Royal Mile and make the most of Edinburgh’s finest dining experiences. Why not explore the luxury apartments here at Quartermile?

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