Must-see attractions in Edinburgh this autumn

Must-see attractions in Edinburgh this autumn


Let’s face it; no one expects Mediterranean weather when they visit Edinburgh. Certainly not during the colder months. But the great thing about not relying on sunshine is that you can always plan activities that you won’t let the weather spoil.

So, if you are prepared to don your raincoat, pack your umbrella and defy the conditions, here are just a few things to put on your to-do list this autumn.



Royal Botanical Garden Edinburgh

The Royal Botanical Garden is the ideal place to start an autumn walk. The gardens are world renowned for their horticultural excellence, and home to one of the largest collections of plants in the world. The massive 70 acres of landscaped grounds is a great opportunity to familiarise yourself with flowers and foliage you won’t have seen anywhere else. Even if you do not consider yourself a horticultural expert or gardening fan, the sights and smells of this gem can help to bring a sense of peace and tranquility to your day. 

Just one mile from the city centre there is no better place to visit to witness the changing seasons. With a host of exotic plants that don’t take bloom until the autumn months, autumn is a great time to witness a wealth of colour at the Botanical Gardens. Take a walk through the Arboretum and you will see the rowans and whitebeams in full force, bursting with berries, fruits, and brightly coloured leaves. 

The Peat, Rock Gardens and Alpine House are also full of colour at this time of year with dazzling and brightly coloured colchicums stealing the show. For fans of Scotland’s native plant species, a visit the Scottish heath garden will give you your domestic fix. These rugged plants, used to the harsh Scottish climate remain in bloom long into autumn.



Samhuinn Fire Festival

Looking forward to October, Edinburgh’s residents and tourists have the yearly Samhuinn Fire Festival to enjoy on the 31st of October. There is no more suitable an event to welcome the changing seasons. The performance  of Samhuinn Fire celebrates the eternal struggle between summer and winter. This array of torchlit performances tell the story of summer overthrowing winter — with the seasons represented as summer and winter kings and courts.

If the idea of trick or treating isn’t your bag, celebrate the Celtic festival instead, there will be street theatre and live performances aplenty complete with acrobatics, fireworks, beautiful costumes and breathtaking performances. The night will be full of music, song and dance to celebrate autumns and the onset of winter. This event fittingly takes place in Edinburgh Old Town where the All Hallow fairs historically took place.



Almondell and Calderwood Country Park

Just half an hour’s drive away from Edinburgh is the stunning Almondell & Calderwood Country Park. The site is 80 hectares — 220 acres of parkland making it the perfect place to take a country walk through the woodland or along the river. There are plenty of picnic areas to enjoy a bite to eat and even a hireable barbecue facility if the weather permits.


If the cold gets too much, there’s always the option of paying a visit to the Park’s Visitor Centre for a hot cup of tea and to see the stunning views over the whole park. On your visit be sure to look out for the local wildlife, with roe deer, foxes, heron, otters and woodpeckers roaming free throughout the park.


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