Is Apartment Living Right for Me?

Is Apartment Living Right for Me?

The popularity of apartment living has grown dramatically in recent decades. As working hours have lengthened and traffic on the roads has increased, the urge to live closer to our place of employment has grown. In cosmopolitan cities like Edinburgh the lure of urban living is even greater, with a wealth of attractions, activities and amenities around every corner to keep us entertained 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


To accommodate the ever-growing demand for living space, cities around the globe have built upwards, creating towers and skyscrapers that millions of people call home. In Edinburgh, Quartermile, is the latest stunning addition to the Scottish capital’s skyline, overlooking the beautiful expanse of The Meadows.

Once upon a time, people lived in apartments as starter homes before moving onto suburban houses. In the 21st century, however, many people are choosing to make the unique benefits of apartment living a permanent fixture. And why shouldn’t they? There are many advantages to purchasing a slice of the urban idyll.

If you are considering making a home for yourself, let us help you decide if apartment living is right for you.


Make city living your gateway to work and play

As any TV property expert will tell you, finding the right home is all about location, location, location. Apartment living is great for those who wish to live at the heart of the action in the city, and many find the close proximity of amenities to be a major incentive when buying a modern, luxury apartment. Quartermile, in particular, offers ideal city living with a range of facilities right at your door, thanks to the many new commercial units that accompany the residential space.

Needless to say, living in an apartment is much more affordable than purchasing a single home on the same land. By building up and creating a range of apartments with anywhere between 1 and 4 bedrooms, everybody from young professionals to growing families can have ready access to city facilities such as The Meadows without needing millions in the bank.

Enjoying the best views, attractions, events and culture that a city has to offer is easy when you are just a few minutes walk from the action. Whether it’s bars and restaurants, theatres and cafes, gyms or even sites of great historical interest, boredom is not an option in a vibrant inner city.

Take Quartermile as an example: 60 acres of spectacular parkland lies just outside your apartment window. Alongside that, residents can enjoy two gyms – PureGym and FitnessChicks – fantastic restaurants and, of course, cafes that can easily double up as your home office.

Of course, there are those days when you may wish to wander further from your front door. For individuals who don’t have a car and instead rely on public transport, developments such as Quartermile are built carefully with transport and accessibility always at the front of mind. Indeed, bus operators and taxi firms will often adapt their service to meet the needs of a new city centre development.


Low maintenance to maximise free time

Keeping a five-bedroom detached home looking top notch is truly a labour of love. In fact, the bigger the house and garden, the more hours that are required to keep the cobwebs away, the lawn in check and the paintwork looking glossy and new. But for millions of people who work hard during the week, the idea of giving their weekend over to chores simply does not hold any appeal.

Choose a serviced apartment, however, and much of the burden is shouldered by the development’s managers. Cleaning the lobby, corridors and windows is someone else’s concern. At the very worst, you may need to dedicate a few minutes to running around your home with the hoover or mop – rather than climbing onto the roof to replace tiles or spending hours in the dirt weeding your flower beds.


Growing a sense of community

Apartments offer the perfect style of living for social animals. While your home is quite rightly a private space, reserved for you to use as you wish, the close proximity of like-minded people makes apartments fantastic for building friendships, networking and caring for one another. As many apartment-dwellers will confirm, a couple of years spent living in a sociable atmosphere like Quartermile and you’ll never be short of a friend to share dinner with or someone to accompany you to the nearest bar for Friday night drinks.


Safety in numbers

An often overlooked aspect of apartment living is how much security residents are afforded. While house owners have numerous entrances-ways and windows to secure, apartments typically have just one entrance controlled by lock and key. If this isn’t enough, developments such as Quartermile also boast a round the clock concierge team, the use of video systems on entry to all apartments and the placement of CCTV throughout the development means that security is enhanced further.


What next?

Decide which floor suits you

The first thing to acknowledge when it comes to apartment living is that every home has different features and characteristics. From the first floor to the fiftieth; South corner to the North, each apartment in a development will offer a unique view and orientation. It is important to understand that choosing your apartment floor is a little different to choosing the plot of a traditional house. And it isn’t just the number of bedrooms that distinguishes one property from the next.

Contrary to popular belief, apartment living is a great choice for people with children and those who are less mobile. Selecting a ground floor flat can provide the immediate access you need to your home, and the surrounding facilities of your apartment block, without taking on stairs. With the added benefit of a lift, even those who are not as agile on their feet can enjoy the high life – with many people now opting for a serviced apartment rather than a suburban bungalow.


Embrace the perks of top floor living

Top floor living offers an excellent vantage point across the Meadows and the city skyline at Quartermile and arguably gives greater privacy than the traditional low-rise home. For those fortunate enough to have a balcony, outdoor areas at altitude can give a unique sense of freedom.


Weigh up the pros and cons for your individual circumstances

Understandably, apartment living isn’t for everyone, and asking yourself why you are moving there is essential. For first-time buyers, retirees, growing families, downsizers or even those looking for an investment opportunity, there are always questions to be asked. Fortunately, the friendly and helpful team here at Quartermile are perfectly positioned to answer any questions you may have.

Whatever you think you are looking for from your new home, it is often not until you experience a living environment that you really discover what is right for you. With that in mind, why not book a tour of Quartermile today and discover apartment living for yourself?

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