Interior trends for Autumn 2016

Interior trends for Autumn 2016


One of the joys of autumn is that it’s the perfect time to get cosy. Whether it’s cooking up hearty stews, getting out the warm wooly blanket or lighting a roaring fire, there’s something reassuring about retreating to your burrow when the rain starts lashing down outside. 

One of the great things about the luxury apartments here at Quartermile is the versatility of the spaces that our 1 – 4 bedroom apartments offer residents. Light and airy during the summer months, they are just as easily made intimate and comforting come the autumn. 

If you are looking for a little inspiration to help you make your home a cosy sanctuary, here are just some of the trends that will get you and your apartment ready.


Smoky Neutrals

Choosing to decorate your home in neutral colours doesn’t mean dull. In actual fact, keeping things neutral on the walls can allow you to be more adventurous and more experimental with your seasonal soft furnishings. Smoky grey shades and off-whites make things a little more chic and less clinical than a harsh stark white. For those who don’t want to go overboard with cool tones, however, grey bedding and drapery is a great way to add a touch of this seasons top trend.


Rich Inky Blues

Once you’ve settled for a soft grey or another neutral colour on your wall, pick a strong accent colour to bring one area to life. Autumn isn’t just about reds and yellows, so why not opt for a midnight blue to make your interior space feel nice and sophisticated. If you’d rather notyou’re your accent colour on the wall, midnight blue looks particularly good on velvet cushions or havey blankets.



Vintage continues to be on trend this season. The great thing about accessorizing the home using trinkets and tat is that you can personalize your space endlessly, adding new textures and styles to even the most modern city apartment. Old maps, atlases and anything botanical will add a touch of English heritage to your home, too. 

If you want to be truly creative, why not use a second-hand suitcase as a nightstand? Add a touch of wicker or rattan to break up the colour and add some earthy tones into the mix.


Nordic patterns

Scandinavian design is as popular as ever. By choosing to use Nordic patterns and rich textures you can ensure that no matter where you look in your home, there will be something dazzling to catch the eye. This is a perfect look for kitchens and can be easily affordable. Simply buy some patterned mugs, plates and tea towels to style up your cooking area.


Cosy Knits

Nothing screams cosy louder than a good blanket. Whether its draped over the back of the sofa or strewn across the bed for that extra layer, adding texture and a little less organisation to the home can work wonders.

Introducing thick and chunky knits is the most practical way to prep your home for autumn. If knitted blankets won’t suffice and you want added texture, opt for knitted cushion cases instead.


There are plenty of affordable ways to incorporate some of this season’s key home decor trends once you’ve found the perfect place to buy. If city living is top of your wish list and you are ready to make the move this season, why not book an appointment here at Quartermile – Edinburgh’s trendiest new district? Call 0800 000 2525 and you could be settled in just a stone’s throw from the capital’s major attractions in a matter of weeks.

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