How to use bold colours in a small space

How to use bold colours in a small space

Simple and white isn’t always the best option for bringing excitement to a small space

When it comes to decorating smaller spaces, we’re often told to keep it light and neutral to give the illusion of extra space. But after a while sticking to white, beige and cream gets pretty boring, and it seems pretty unfair that we can’t enjoy a splash of colour in our living room, bedroom or kitchen just because it’s not huge.

Well, don’t worry, because there are plenty of ways colour can be used in even the smallest spaces to add depth, interest and excitement to your décor. From modern and fun to simple and clean, making the most of your space no longer means avoiding colour at all cost. Let’s take a look at five fantastic ways to use colour in your small space decorating.

Introduce spots of colour against a backdrop of white

This option gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to improving your décor. By using white as a base, you still get the light, bright benefits it offers, but spots of colour will help break up the monotony.

Through rugs, curtains and soft furnishings, you can add a few bright notes to catch the eye and add interest. Make it more effective by sticking to a consistent colour scheme, as this will make the room feel more cohesive.

Go bold with a single big colour statement

Alternatively, you can go all out and throw caution to the wind by offering up a single big colour statement in your décor. This can be a feature wall, a large item of furniture like a sofa or hefty, colourful piece of wall art. Whatever it is, this should be your room’s centrepiece and breathe life into an otherwise neutral space. You can even use the colours in your centrepiece as inspiration for adding touches of similar colours elsewhere, bringing the whole room together beautifully.

Create a modern look with neon furniture

Using modern and fun furniture designs can actually increase the effect of white walls and make a space feel even lighter and brighter than before. If you’re feeling brave, you can even choose modern items in bright neon colours to really make them stand out and create a feeling of excitement. It’s the perfect way to blend a stylish design with a welcoming, exciting finished product.

Change things up with bright colours against a black backdrop

Black is definitely an unusual choice for smaller spaces, but that’s not to say it’s the wrong one. You just have to be confident in your application before you get started. A black feature wall can look really striking, especially if you pair it with brightly coloured elements like wall art and furniture. It might not be conventional, but it’s certainly effective. In particular, the current bathroom trend is to contrast white walls and light-coloured tiles with a dark slate shower cubicle.

Use colour as a neutral shade

It’s important to remind yourself that neutral doesn’t have to mean cream, beige or white. There are plenty of shades and tones that can create the same sense of light and space. Something like a soothing light blue can act as a great backdrop for any accents of colour you add through your furniture, creating interest without impacting too much on the space. Pastel colours have experienced a resurgence in recent years for just this reason.

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