How to decorate a small apartment for the festive season

How to decorate a small apartment for the festive season


It’s that time of year again! By now you’re either in the process of putting up your decorations for the festive season or quite possibly panicking that the countdown to the big day is catching up with you. For those who are preparing for Christmas in a luxury apartment, there are a few important dos and don’ts to bear in mind when it comes to creating the perfect festive ambience.


If you want to give your home a bit of wow factor without forking out more on decorations than on presents, read on dear friends. Here are Quartermile’s tips for decorating your apartment this Christmas.


Pick your tree wisely


We love real Christmast trees. But contrary to popular misconception, bigger isn’t always better when it comes to the evergreen in the corner. Gravity is a cruel mistress and if you have ever purchased a gargantuan tree over the years, you will know that big trees with sweeping branches are a recipe for disaster. Over the course of a couple of days, trees can become lopsided with drooping limbs. They also have a tendency to shed and drop pines all over your living room floor.


Instead, why not opt for quality over quantity. Judge your tree on its shape, symmetry and balance rather than its size. A common mistake is often to go for a tree that looks dense and lush, but once the decorations go on you can be left with a tree that simply looks cluttered and messy. To avoid this, go for a tree that has larger gaps between each tier, giving your baubles, lights, candy canes and tinsel that little bit more breathing space.


If you prefer not to give over a whole corner of your luxury apartment to foliage, why not consider placing a small tree on a coffee table or even as a centrepiece for your dining table. A small delicate plant with fairy lights will provide the same pleasant fragrance and flickering illumination as a larger tree, but it won’t overpower your home.


Less is more

You don’t need oodles of decorations to make a home feel cosy and Christmas-ready. Complement your Christmas tree with a few well-positioned lights, wreaths and touches of tinsel to make your apartment classy rather than cluttered. Try incorporating versatile decorations that can be used for many occasions or that can be repurposed to use all year round.  This means your storage spaces aren’t invaded with festive decorations that gather dust.


Importantly, you’ll want to vary the height of your decorations where possible. Utilise picture frames, dining tables, chandeliers and door handles to drape your lights, bells and other sparkly bits. Lighting can make a room feel seasonal without being gaudy; perfect for a grown up living space over the winter months.


Decorative bell jars are great investment this winter and can be used as the basis for all sorts of Christmas inspired features. Add a cinnamon scented candle, a sprig of mistletoe and holly, or some lights to create a fairy tale inspired centrepiece or magical night-light.


Soft Furnishings


One way to create a winter wonderland indoors is to switch out your bedding and cushions during November and December. This way you can spread Christmas vibes throughout your home without cluttering counter tops or taking up valuable floor space. If you want bedding that can be used any time of the year, go for classic Christmas duo of green and red. For a more subtle take, go for metallic shades of silver and blue/greys and cool lilacs for a calm winter look. To make your fabrics even more cheery, spritz with a Christmas-scented room spray.


If you are looking for the perfect new apartment on which to stamp your interior design mark, there’s no better place than Quartermile. If you’ve not discovered our luxury 1–4 bedroom apartments yet, why not book an appointment now on 0845 000 2525.



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