How to autumn-proof your hallway

How to autumn-proof your hallway


Autumn is a beautiful time of year in Edinburgh. As the leaves turn golden and the lowering sun glistens off the many surfaces of the city, Scotland’s capital is bathed in a warm glow on a fine day. But autumn in Edinburgh wouldn’t be complete without the coming of the rains. And with the rains come soggy leaves, mud and dripping wet clothes.

It is at this time of year that keeping the home in a neat and tidy state can be particularly tricky. Get caught in a rainstorm out on the streets and it doesn’t take long for your hallways and living areas to bear the brunt of your mistreatment. But there are things you can do to minimize the damage done to your home, so let us share with you a few top tips as to how your luxury Quartermile apartment can be kept in great condition. 


Make use of walls


Now there is a chill in the air, you may find yourself wanting to reach for the long coat rather than a light jacket. If there’s more than two of you in the apartment or you regularly welcome guests, this can quickly cause your storage space to become full – and full means cluttered.


If you find your coat rack isn't spacious enough, make space in your wardrobe for those summer coats that won’t be seeing the light of day for another few months. If your wardrobe is already full to busting, why not fashion some more hanging space on a wall, behind a door or in a less obvious nook or cranny. Taking your unused outerwear out of circulation will ensure that you can easily find your coat when leaving the house, and the space freed up in your cloakroom cupboard will help those garments to dry much quicker. After all, there’s nothing worse than donning a coat that’s still damp and musty from the night before.


It’s all in the details

Sometimes a doormat just doesn’t cut it after heavy rainfall. Rubber tiles added to the racks or shelves you use to store your shoes and wellies can help add a little order to the mayhem after a muddy walk. Hardwearing and easy-to-clean surfaces such as this help to ensure that any mess you bring into the apartment doesn’t become a permanent feature.



Utility rooms were created to handle the hardships of life. They are where the laundry is washed, mops and brushes are stored, and they are the perfect space to double up as a mudroom. Any utility space worth its salt features a hard floor that is easy to wipe and won’t show the after effects of mud or snow during the autumn months.

If your cold-weather clobber is spilling over into your living spaces, why not fit cupboards or overheard compartments for your gloves, scarves, umbrellas and other equipment. If you have a canine or feline member of your family, you can also store dog leads, collars, brushes, pet food and spare towels for wiping down wet fur before allowing them to roam the rest of your luxury apartment.


Key and letter station


There are few things that clutter a hallway more than post. Whether you receive a lot of mail or just live near to a host of overzealous takeaways, it is important to get your post off the floor and dealt with sooner rather than later. One easy way to create a minimalist feel is to attach baskets to the walls so that you can file your letters as soon as they come through the door. A hallway with a mirror complete with jewellery hooks is also perfect for storing keys once you walk through the front door.


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