How To Add Historic Charm To Your New-Build Apartment

How To Add Historic Charm To Your New-Build Apartment


As you might expect, we have a keen interest in blending the old and the new at Quartermile. Bringing together a development comprised of restoration, renovation and striking contemporary building work requires careful thought and planning.  


In the apartments of Meadows Peak a clean and elegant interior offers the perfect opportunity for residents to bring their own creativity to bear. If you are looking to bring a bit of period chic to your home, why not try some of these ideas for yourself. 




It’s all in the detail


Auctions, charity shops and vintage fairs are great places to pick up those little touches that can make an apartment unique to you. Think candelabras, vases and other decorative items that ooze intrigue and give the feel of a distinguished history. Statement pieces like wall art and antique storage trunks can also make a room more interesting and tactile. These details may also be used to offset the light, bright walls you have chosen to give a sense of space to your home. 


Trinkets and statement pieces should be used with great care, however. A touch of something individual here and there can personalise a space beautifully; too much can turn a living space into a curiosity shop. For those who like to shop little and often for historical pieces, why not try creating a cluster of objects in a room. This can focus the eye and provide a sense of variety without adding clutter every tabletop and shelf. 


Perhaps the greatest secret to adding a taste of the past lies with doorknobs, handles and latches. For just a few pounds it is possible to give an off-the-shelf fitting a timeless finish.



Introduce vintage furniture

Furniture is perhaps the easiest way to make an interior design statement. Incorporating pre-loved pieces into your home will add character and prevent the clean lines of a modern apartment from appearing too clinical. Mirrors and lighting fixtures often have a particularly important role to play because they can be small yet have a big impact. 


Don’t be afraid of experimenting with contrasting styles when you redesign a room. Mixing vintage furniture and classic designs with more contemporary fixtures is right on trend in 2016. Take a close look at the coolest cafes or the quirkiest bars and you will notice that nothing is uniform. Pair a classic oak dining room table with glass chairs may add a bit of kitsch to your own living space. 



Prints! prints! prints!

Whether it’s rich floral patterns or real vintage fabrics, delicate prints can be used throughout the home to add a sense of sophistication steeped in history. Try working prints into your cushion covers, curtains and table runners to transform the run-of-the-mill to something altogether more arresting. Clashing colours, prints and textures will ensure your interior remains fresh rather than resembling a high-street showroom. 


If you are renting your accommodation and unable to make any permanent changes to your home, fabric is an incredibly versatile way to turn a room with white walls into an eclectic mix of colour.


Colour schemes

Painting your furniture and walls is an easy way to create a timeless look for your home. For bold and beautiful walls use reds and teals. For more calming colours freshen up your walls or furniture with sage green or an off-white. Whatever the colour you choose, a lick of paint can do wonders to transform any room in your home.



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