Get spa ready for spring

Get spa ready for spring

By Mark Perkins, One Spa

If you’re breathing a sigh of relief that winter is over, you won’t be the only one.

During the winter months many people suffer from the winter blues, with some just feeling a little low and others suffering from seasonal affected disorder (SAD). It’s thought SAD affects around two million people in the UK with the NHS saying that symptoms include low self-esteem, irritability, feelings of despair and anxiety.

But now that spring is here and warmer weather is on the horizon, there are steps we can all take to get the body and mind back on track.

Emerging from the winter blues
During the winter months, our body’s immune system often comes under attack which can make us feel sluggish. The arrival of spring can often kick start a new exercise regime as well as inspire us to eat well and follow a regular sleep pattern. A solid exercise regime will help to raise endorphin levels, making us feel and look good as well as boost energy levels.

Two is better than one
After a few months of dark, cold nights, many of us find our motivation levels are lower than usual. Group exercise can be very motivating, and with the clocks going forward last Sunday, an early evening run with a friend could be a fun yet effective way to exercise, or train with a fitness instructor for a more holistic approach. Socialising whilst exercising is particularly good for lifting the spirits, so gyms and fitness centres can be very stimulating social environments, helping you mix with like-minded individuals.

Many believe that spas are only for relaxation and treatments, however, here at One Spa Edinburgh, we attract many local members who not only use the spa for fitness and health purposes, but also for socialising and catching up with new friends.

Stay hydrated
If you’re feeling sluggish and you feel like you don’t have much energy, this can be attributed to dehydration, so it’s vital you make sure your body is getting enough water. It’s beneficial to eat certain types of food that have high water content such as cucumber (96%), watermelon (96%), tomatoes (94%) and blueberries (95%).

See the light
A lack of daylight hours can contribute to SAD. Natural daylight was a huge consideration when One Spa was designed, which is precisely why it’s surrounded by glass. This ensures as much light enters the spa as possible, helping to create an uplifting environment atmosphere. So, if you’re using our gym or pool during the day, you can rest assured you’re not missing out on those precious daylight hours.

Recharge your batteries
Spring might have arrived, but those relaxing beach days do still seem rather far away. “Put a Spring in your Step” has been created with this in mind. To discuss the range of membership packages at One Spa, please email Martina Pasztorova on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0131 221 7777.

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