Get closer to nature from the comfort of your own home with an apartment garden

Get closer to nature from the comfort of your own home with an apartment garden

Choosing to live in a luxury city apartment doesn’t have to mean distancing yourself from mother nature. 

As regular readers of this blog will know, apartment living has many benefits. Yet it is a common belief that taking up residence in a multi-storey building means waving goodbye to anything green or floral. But we are here to tell you that this simply isn’t the case. In fact, you can enjoy many of the perks of the owning a garden without all the time consuming and backbreaking work.

Let us explain.


Jazz up your windowsills with window boxes

Window boxes are a classic option for any apartment-dwelling garden enthusiast. By hanging boxes on the outside of your window, you can create a miniature garden all of your own — grow herbs, flowers or even fruit if you want to.

Another great thing about window boxes is that they make your apartment look even more attractive from the outside, and will help it stand out from neighbouring properties.


Give old furniture a new lease of life

Another way to create a small, enclosed garden you can put your stamp on is by rehashing old furniture. If you have a shoe organiser or chest of drawers you no longer use, why not give it a new purpose by turning it into your very own balcony garden?

With a drawer, simply flip it upside down and fill it as you would a window box. You can even decorate the drawer to make your garden even more beautiful! Shoe organisers are another great basis for your garden as each little pocket can be filled with a different plant or herb. Simple but effective.


Make the most of vertical space

Even if you live in an apartment that’s short on room, there’s still no reason why you can’t enjoy the benefits of a garden — it’s all about making the most of vertical space.

Reap the rewards of shelves and hanging units which you can use to display your miniature gardens. Grouping together a host of different plants and herbs all growing in separate containers is a great way of adding interest to your wall space – much more exciting than simply putting up a painting!


Recycle and turn junk into joy

We now know that old furniture can become a great home for your apartment garden, but why not take it one step further and turn your recyclables into thriving gardens, too? Empty jam jars and wine bottles make fantastic homes for herbs, flowers and fruit plants, adding a delightfully quirky edge to your décor at the same time.

Get creative with how you display your jar or bottle gardens. They look fantastic simply lined up along a windowsill or kitchen worktop, but you can also put up shelves or even hang them from the wall or ceiling. Whatever suits your space and tastes. 


Indulge in a few classic houseplants

Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the best. You don’t need to be gardening outdoors in order to enjoy a little nature. Houseplants are a great way of bringing the outdoors indoors, especially if you like the idea of gardening but don’t have the time for something too high maintenance.

Splashing out on a few plants and flowers for your apartment is a fantastic way to brighten up a space and freshen up your décor, whether it’s a floral centrepiece for the dining room table or a quirky bonsai tree to greet you as you walk through the door. Houseplants only need a little love and attention from you — a dash of water and a hit of sunlight — and the benefits are definitely worth it.

Of course, choose to make Quartermile your home and you will not only benefit from the luxurious surroundings of Edinburgh’s most impressive new development, you’ll also find yourself overlooking The Meadows – a stunning expanse of parkland that can act as your very own garden beyond your garden!

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