Apartment decorating tips that never go out of style

Apartment decorating tips that never go out of style

If you’re looking for décor that will suit your home for the long term, look no further than this list

Working out the best way to decorate your apartment is no easy feat. As trends constantly change and update with each season, the pressure to renew your décor every few months is very real. Luckily, there are some trends that almost never go out of style. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Light colours

If you’re struggling to find the right colour for a space in your home, start by looking at lighter shades. Unlike dark wall colours like black or navy, variations on white, cream and light grey are almost universally used to make spaces feel larger and brighter.

Floating shelves

Floating shelves are single shelves that fit directly onto the wall, saving floorspace and creating a clean, sleek look. They can be used to hold ornaments, picture frames and even books if you fit them with sturdy screws. Why not swap out your bedside table in favour of a floating shelf?


Not only are mirrors practical items to have throughout your apartment, they’re always on trend from a design standpoint, too. Mirrors help to reflect the natural light in your home, making it feel brighter and bigger – so don’t just save them for bedrooms and bathrooms!


Like mirrors, metallic materials reflect light, which can help give the impression of space in any environment. Although the likes of brass, bronze and gold may drift in and out of vogue, silvers, chromes and brushed steel seem to have been a constant fixture in kitchens and bathrooms in particular for many years now. They may not always give the same sense of warmth to a room but they certainly give a clean and sophisticated finish to a space – when used tastefully, of course.

Scaled down furniture

Be wary of filling spaces with a lot of larger items of furniture. Even in bigger spaces, more petite items of furniture amongst one larger item has a much more powerful effect and gives the room more of a focal point.

Moveable furniture

When considering apartment décor, you need to think practically as well as aesthetically. Lighter, more portable items of furniture not only prevents a space feeling old fashioned and heavy, they also afford a homeowner greater flexibility. You may like to rearrange things once a year or once a month, but with lighter items of furniture this is a choice you can easily make.

Mobile, foldable furniture is particularly useful in multi-functional spaces such as open plan kitchen-living rooms. You may want to be able to lounge around in comfort for 29 days of the month and simply pull your formal dining table and chairs out of the cupboard on the odd occasion when you have guests around – something that’s much harder to do with weighty furniture.


Including elements of nature in your home can make your apartment feel fresher and calmer, so it’s no wonder that stunning houseplants are always a welcome addition. Tailor your plants to the rest of your décor, with bright sunny plants in the kitchen and an elegant centrepiece in the dining room.


Like moveable furniture, storage is a practical element that can also be used to make your home look even more appealing. Get creative with your storage by using fun colourful items like box shelves, footstools or more elegant options like cabinets made to measure into your apartment’s nooks and crannies.

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