A Guide to Quartermile’s Luxury Offices in Edinburgh

A Guide to Quartermile’s Luxury Offices in Edinburgh


Quartermile isn’t just where luxury living is redefined, the office space available ensures that your business can find an elevated home in one of the world’s most thriving and vibrant cities. With our commercial property opportunities business is always a pleasure, and here businesses of all sizes and niches can find the space they need to innovate in their own industry as well as provide employees with an envied work/life balance courtesy of its excellent facilities and location.

Fast becoming one of Edinburgh’s most desirable postcodes, Quartermile is a popular choice for commercial clients servicing a multitude of sectors. These include the financial, legal and technology markets, with big name businesses such as IBM, Investec, Maclay Murray & Spens LLP, Merc

er, Morton Fraser Solicitors, Skyscanner, FanDuel, Scotch Whisky Association, and OPEN Optimised Environments already a part of the thriving business community here.

Quartermile 4, the newest Grade A office building in the Quartermile portfolio, is 100% pre-let so many more businesses will be setting up shop and realising the vision, ambition and pleasure of commercial life at Quartermile.  

Edinburgh is the UK’s second largest financial hub after London, home to The Scottish Parliament, and the base for more FTSE 100 companies than any other city outside of London, so what better place to do business!


Luxury offices

Offices as we know it have evolved, now they are a far cry from the isolated desk spaces that turn work into the daily grind experienced by many. Innovative designs have transformed modern day offices into inspiring work spaces geared towards not just productivity but employee health and happiness. A well-constructed office has the power to enhance and elevate the lives of the employees that work there, and as demonstrated by Google and Pixar, its design can influence workers more than first thought.

As Quartermile confirms, working from a city centre location no longer means a weary commute that’s followed by a day of drudgery in a soulless, dark space. In fact, living and working at Quartermile might just be the kind of antidote to the ‘Monday blues’ that you have long been looking for.

Each state-of-the-art office makes full use of space, light and flexibility to provide an environment those businesses can not only reap the rewards of now but also expand into the future. An award-winning development in its own right, Quartermile’s luxury offices and their specifications have captured the attention of global enterprises wanting to establish a presence in Scotland and provide their staff with a truly desirable working environment.

Needless to say, all of the offices are fully flexible and can be branded, shaped and personalised to the unique requirements of a business. Alongside space, light and flexibility, Quartermile’s offices cement the green credentials that are becoming an ever more important part of any responsible organisation’s considerations in the 21st century.

Inside each office are features of the highest environmental and energy efficiency standards. The construction as a whole has achieved EPC ‘A’ rating, a standard that means a 33% reduction in energy consumption, and a BREEAM certification of ‘Very Good’ making it an attractive property investment with high sustainable value and efficiency.

During development only high efficiency services were used throughout the offices whilst the incorporation of high performance external glazing means commercial clients can enjoy all the advantages of a sustainable working environment. On a day-to-day basis the use of a Building Management System ensures heating and lighting are zoned and efficiently used. In addition to this, low energy LED lighting and water consumption reduction techniques are utilised to limit environmental impact further.

Green is certainly the word that can be used to describe the vast tree-lined green space afforded by the Meadows, just a stone’s throw from Quartermile. While other cities’ business districts can be oppressively concrete, businesses at Quartermile offer employees the very appealing benefit of a green expanse during their lunch hours.

With Quartermile offices, luxury and efficiency can work as one. Besides ensuring innovative and effective use of resources from an environmental perspective, the open plan offices have all the amenities you need to ensure a modern working environment functions and thrives. The spectacular floor to ceiling glass windows offers stunning views, whilst the offices are served by a fully manned reception area with communal seating, CCTV, a 24-hour concierge service and full building management. Offices based on the top floor also have some of the most exciting breakout spaces in the UK, courtesy of our 360° terraces.


Work/life balance made easy

In today’s fast paced commercial world, it is easy to get lost in the work that is so important to a business and its employees. But accomplishing that tricky work/life balance is never easy. Quartermile’s luxury office spaces are designed to attract happy and motivated employees, and make the modern working life of the people that make your business what it is enjoyable.

At Quartermile you’ll find a variety of amenities and facilities available on-site. There are plenty of upmarket places to grab lunch, exercise before or after work, pick up groceries and enjoy the after work drinks that keep relations back in the office strong and proficient all in one place. The offices are also in close proximity to the luxury apartments at Quartermile and the residential amenities, such as a beauty salon.

Quartermile is one office environment that is built on practicality, and as well as being able to indulge in a plethora of high-end facilities right on your doorstep, Edinburgh’s Old Town is just a stroll away making after work socialising easy, too. Cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels, supermarkets, pharmacies, banks and post offices are all neighbours of the Quartermile development so achieving the work/life balance is no longer a challenge but a walk in the park.


Travel with ease

Quartermile’s offices are well-connected commercial developments, not just to the Edinburgh suburbs from which many of the staff commute, but also to the rest of Scotland and the wider UK. This is, of course, a critical consideration for any enterprise looking to do business and hold meetings up and down the country. Indeed, the rail network from Edinburgh to other commercial centres such as London, Birmingham, Glasgow and Manchester are strong, while the local airport makes international connections a breeze.

For those in the legal sector, Edinburgh’s Law Courts are just 5 minutes’ walk away, the University of Edinburgh is even closer taking 2 minutes to walk to its doors, Edinburgh Castle is accessible in 10 minutes, and The Exchange District – the city’s financial centre – a mere 10 minutes’ walk away, whilst businesses can reach consumers direct on one of the city centre’s major thoroughfares, Princes Street, after a short 12-minute walk.

Are you looking to move business premises? Like the idea of being right in the heart of Edinburgh’s action with a ready supply of skilled staff, amenities and infrastructure? Look no further than Quartermile.

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