9 simple ways to turn your living area into an inviting space

9 simple ways to turn your living area into an inviting space

Want your living room to be a fantastic space for entertaining? It’s easier than you might think. Here’s how you can make your living space that little bit more welcoming when a guest comes to visit.

Supply plenty of seating

One of the most important factors to take into account when decorating your living space is to ask yourself: are there enough places for people to sit? It sounds almost too simple, but it can make all the difference. Having to scramble around for extra chairs when people come to visit can make your guests feel like they’re causing a hassle, so make sure you’ve got enough room for everyone.


Cosy it up with cushions

Make your living room inviting by increasing its cosy factor. The easiest way to do this? Cushions! Sprinkle some cushions and throws around your living area, and be creative when choosing patterns and colours that go together.


Add atmosphere with accents of colour

Speaking of colour, it can make a huge difference to the atmosphere of your living space. Choose an inviting colour scheme and add accents of it throughout the room, in pictures, lights and — yes — cushions.


Live in your living room

Your home doesn’t need to look like a show home in order to be attractive to guests. Your living room is for living in, and that’s exactly what you should do. Family photographs, magazines on the coffee table and treasured knick-knacks on display will help to stop your living room feeling cold and impersonal.


Bring out the books

Books are fantastic. Not only do they spark our imaginations and transport us to other worlds, they also look great too! Amp up the atmosphere in your living space by embracing your reading materials and displaying them on bookshelves for all to see. With their differing titles and cover styles, books are interesting to look at and make great talking points.

Splash out on surfaces

Sometimes the simplest factors are the most important when it comes to creating an inviting space. So when you’re deciding on your living room décor, question whether you’re providing enough places for people to put their drinks down. Having plenty of surfaces makes entertaining a great deal easier, as you can provide more than enough drinks and snacks without making constant trips to the kitchen.


Learn the language of lighting

Let there be light… but not too much. Striking a balance and finding the perfect light level for your living space can really set your evening of entertainment off on the right foot. Too harsh a light can stop your guests feeling fully relaxed, while not enough light is cumbersome, impractical and could even leave your guests feeling sleepy!


Make magic with music

An inviting living area should be a treat for all the senses, and that’s why music is so important. Invest in a music player and find the right soundtrack for your soiree. It might be something pleasantly mellow for background noise like jazz, or the latest chart tracks to crank up the fun and get the party atmosphere going.


Free the flow of your living space

If you want your living space to be a hub for entertaining friends and family, don’t allow it to feel cramped or tucked away. Having a living area that freely flows into a kitchen or dining space creates an inviting overall base which greets your guests with open arms. Turn your apartment into an open, welcoming space by letting your living area breathe.

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