8 little changes to make your apartment fresh again

8 little changes to make your apartment fresh again

Every home could do with sprucing up now and then. If you are ready to take your apartment in hand, here are a few of our favourite pointers on freshening things up without breaking the bank.

No matter what kind of property you live in or how it’s decorated, we all get bored of our surroundings over time, and this can leave us wanting a change. But you don’t need to spend a fortune to make your apartment feel fresh again. Small changes can result in a big transformation, so here are eight little things you can do to make your apartment feel like new.

Jazz up the floor

Don’t worry – this doesn’t mean varnishing or paying a fortune for new carpets. Instead, invest in a new rug as a budget-friendly way of adding a little something extra to a room. Try a rug that brings a pop of colour.

Got a bedroom with dark floors? Get a nice light rug to really brighten up the room and give the feeling of greater space.

Add a fresh coat of paint

This is probably the job which will take up the most of your time, but could also make the biggest difference. Wall colour is often the thing holding your room back from having that special something. If in doubt, white walls are always in style and can make a space feel lighter, brighter and bigger. They also act as a blank canvas for the rest of your décor.

Spruce up your knobs and handles

Nobody really pays attention to their doorknobs and handles . . . that is, until they change them and see what a difference they can make! Switching out the handles on old doors and dressers for something classier or more sophisticated can add a greater sense of style or quirkiness to a room.

Fall in love with plants and flowers

Introducing plants and flowers into your home is one of the easiest and most effective ways of making your apartment feel fresh again. A nice big house plant and a couple of vases of fresh flowers make it feel like spring all year round, and make your apartment a more pleasant environment to be in. For those of us without the time for plant maintenance, artificial plants and flowers make a great alternative.

Learn the benefits of throws and pillows

Like plants and flowers, sprinkling some colourful throws and pillows throughout your apartment is a really easy way to make it feel new again. Old sofas and tired beds get an air of cosy luxury when you invest in some quality throws.

Bring in bins and baskets

It’s a good idea to get into the habit of regularly sorting through your stuff to see what you do and don’t need. But even after this, you might still feel like you have a lot of clutter. Invest in some pretty storage baskets and bins to help your storage become part of the décor. Much more attractive than stuffing things in cupboards!

Invest in good bedding

You’d be surprised how much a new set of bedding can freshen up your bedroom, especially if it’s high quality. White bedding helps make a room feel brighter and airier, while colourful or patterned bedding can liven things up if your bedroom’s looking a little tired.

Let there be light

Like doorknobs, lights aren’t just there for practicality – they can really make a statement too! Metallics, funky colours and unusual shapes turn lights into part of the décor, while lamps can illuminate a space in different ways to achieve a cosy or even a romantic feel.

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