8 bathroom trends to get on board with

8 bathroom trends to get on board with

If you’re breathing new life into your home, make sure you don’t neglect the bathroom

Making an apartment feel truly your own is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but when we do indulge in a bit of redecorating we tend to focus mostly on the living room, bedrooms and kitchen. While these rooms are, of course, extremely important to interior design, it’s also important not to forget about the other key space at home: the bathroom.

We do have a habit of thinking of the bathroom as a purely practical space, one which should be hidden away and have as little attention drawn to it as possible. But there are so many great ways to make your bathroom a place you can actually enjoy! Here are some of the current trends we’re most excited about.

Brilliantly bold tiles

Like the bathroom itself, we are all guilty of sometimes seeing tiles as a purely practical bathroom necessity. But tiles can do so much more than just keep away mildew; they can completely transform the look and feel of the space. That’s why we’re excited that bright, bold and colourful tiles are making a splash.

Mirrors that make a statement

A statement mirror can give your bathroom a fresh, eye-opening look without having to spend a fortune on redesigning. Round mirrors work particularly well, as bathrooms tend to possess a lot of straight lines thanks to units and tiles.

Plus, mirrors have the added benefit of bringing more light and the illusion of space into your bathroom.

The magic of marble

Marble is a bathroom trend that only seems to be getting more popular. Marble is a great way of adding luxury to your bathroom, whether you’re using it on countertops, bathtub surrounds or even as a feature walls.

Colour comeback

White has been the staple colour used in bathroom design ever since we scarred ourselves for live with avocado bathtubs in the seventies. But now colour has made a comeback in a big way, and the results are stunning. Cool, bright shades mixed with fresher and more modern shapes can make for some really eye catching possibilities.

Keep it retro 

Like colour, retro tiles are also cropping up in more and more bathrooms. We used to think those gridded 4x4 tile displays were basic and boring, but when mixed with bright colours and modern fixtures they suddenly seem fresh again.

Terrific tech

Splashing out on modern fixtures not only improves the look of your bathroom, it also improve its performance too. Keep an eye out for the latest smart bathroom equipment to make your bathroom feel truly special, including touchless flushes and Bluetooth activated features. The bathroom of the future is just around the corner!

The power of texture

When rethinking your bathroom design, you need to think about how the space feels as well as how it looks. That’s why textural elements like wood accents and terracotta tile work so well. These features will help make your bathroom feel warmer and less clinical.

Unleash your dark side

Yes we know we’ve spoken a lot about colour, but arguably the shade that has made the biggest comeback is black. Using black accents on a brightly coloured bathroom design can help control the look of space and make it feel more modern. Black has the power to look both classic and daring.

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