6 ways to add autumn flair to your apartment

6 ways to add autumn flair to your apartment

Embrace all things autumn with a few delightful décor changes

A few weeks ago we all reluctantly said goodbye to summer, and though it’s hard to get used to colder weather and longer nights, it’s also the perfect time to think about everything you love about this time of year – from falling leaves to hot drinks and cosy jumpers.

And embracing autumn is even easier when you bring it into your home. Sprucing up your décor for the new season is a great way to feel like you’re really making the most of it, and there are some surprisingly simple ways to do it. So, here are six simple ways to add autumn flair to your apartment.

Use bright colours in your soft furnishings

Autumn is all about warm, bright colours like rich reds, decadent golds and fiery oranges, so be sure to introduce some of these shades into your décor over the next few weeks.

Even just a few new soft furnishings can be all it takes to transform your home into an autumnal haven. Cushions, throws and quilts in autumnal colours are all fantastic ways to amp up the cosy factor in your home.

Go for tasteful clutter

Speaking of making things cosier, it’s time to bring out the clutter again. Summer is the optimum time for keeping things neat, tidy and clear, but as the temperature starts to drop filling your home with your beloved knick-knacks can make it feel warmer and more inviting. Having all your favourite things around you is a great way to enjoy your home on cosy dark nights, just remember to keep it tasteful and thoughtful.

Bring in the scents of the season

Embracing autumn in your home isn’t just about how things look. It’s important to consider all the sense when renewing your apartment’s décor, and fragrances are one of the best things about the current season.

Whether it’s from cinnamon, coffee or warm, hearty meals, fill your home with your favourite autumnal smells over the next few weeks. You can even treat yourself to some new candles or incense to keep them around in the long term.

Let nature come inside

Nature is a huge part of autumn. I don’t know about you, but the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about this time of year is the image of red and golden leaves cascading to the ground. So make sure you’re celebrating nature in your autumnal décor.

Plants and flowers in rich fall colours will not only look fantastic, but will also make your home feel fresher too. You could sneak in a pumpkin or two if you’re feeling particularly seasonal!

Spruce up your outdoor space

And it’s important not to forget your outdoor space either, even though you’ll probably be spending a bit less time in the garden nowadays – it’s still important! Some new plants and flowers outdoors as well as indoors can make all the difference, and you could even treat yourself to a fire pit so you can spend autumn nights sitting in front of crackling flames.

Hang some seasonal wall art

One of the best ways to embrace the season is by changing up what’s hanging on your walls. Cool blues and seascapes are great in summer time, but when it comes to autumn we all want to see warm colours and elegant patterns.

Take a trip to a local market, or even print high quality images from online and frame them yourself. Either way, your home will look beautifully seasonal as a result.

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