6 tricks for making your apartment look pretty in pink

6 tricks for making your apartment look pretty in pink

Whatever your décor style, pink can help you maximise its potential

Pink is often overlooked when it comes to deciding on a colour scheme for the home. For many, it is considered to be reserved for the bedroom of young girls rather than for central living spaces. When used correctly, pink can actually be an elegant, versatile and exciting colour option in modern apartments. Here’s how.


The homey look

This look is a great one to try out if you want your apartment to truly feel like a sanctuary that you look forward to returning to after a tough day at work. Shades of brown and beige work well together and are common colours used in the home – browns typically in the flooring and beige as a neutral colour on the walls. But without a third colour to lift them, brown can beige can feel nothing short of dull. That’s where pink comes in.

Working in notes of pale pink really allows the brown to give off its warmth without losing impact. Together this décor combination creates the perfect arrangement of airy sweetness and earthy warmth.


The dreamy look 

Go light and bright for a young, fresh feeling in your apartment. Pairing shades of pastel pink with slightly darker colours like purple and blue can make your home feel like something out of a fairy tale, creating a dreamy quality that really stands out.

For this look, make pink the star of the show as it’s the lightest and most neutral colour in the palette. Then accessorise your larger furniture with accents of blue and purple, such as having darker cushions on a pastel sofa. This creates an almost watercolour effect.


The modern look 

Believe it or not, you can use pink to add a very modern, sleek and even masculine quality to your décor.

Slate grey and navy are both great choices for bringing a touch of class to a room, but without another colour to balance them out you run the risk of making a space feel dark, cold and small.

Touches of soft pink will help break up the dark modern vibe created by the navy and slate, ultimately helping these shades stand out more.


The summery look 

Whatever the weather, you can use pink to make your apartment feel like a Mediterranean paradise all year round. Combining pink with other carefully selected bright colours will make your home feel brighter overall.

One winning option is to bring together aspects of salmon, rusty orange, bright yellow and green into your décor. Starting with white walls, spread touches of each colour throughout via door and window frames, rugs, tables and plants for greenery. This will create an irresistible juicy look.


The bohemian look

Creating a relaxed look in your apartment will help you truly unwind while you enjoy the space. Start by introducing brown leather furniture into a room such as sofas, chairs and footrests, and then accessorise by using botanical, earthy greens for cushions, wallpapers and plants.

To spice up the space, bring in elements of bubblegum pink with ornaments, vases and throws. This will give the room more of a wow factor.


The glam look 

Pink is no longer the tacky décor option it used to be, and can now actually be used to create a real sense of luxury and glamour without seeming gauche.

The trick is to pair a darker shade of pink like fuchsia with another dark colour like navy blue. You can even add hints of white and yellow to add even more interest to the space, but keep these elements to a minimum.

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