6 current apartment trends you need to know about

6 current apartment trends you need to know about

Stuck for ideas on how to spruce up your apartment? Let the latest trends inspire you


Every so often we all feel the need to change up our décor. But how do you know what looks good and what does not? Don’t worry, we’ve put together this list of the biggest apartment trends right now to give you a pinch of inspiration.


Bright green

Bring some brightness and cheer into your apartment with shades of bright green – proven to be a popular trend in recent months. In fact, green was named Pantone 2017 Colour of the Year.

Not only is bright green a vivid and happy colour, it’s also incredibly versatile. Why not try pairing it with shades of gold and oak wood trimmings to create a real swinging sixties feel?

Green is the colour of refreshment and revitalisation, and you don’t have to paint the whole room lime to feel the benefits. Even introducing more plants and flowers into your décor is a fantastic, natural way to boost the freshness of your apartment.


Notes of navy

If bright green is the most popular ‘pow’ colour right now, then navy is the best for a more subtle, sophisticated look. Whereas black can sometimes make a room feel small and gloomy, navy is a great option for achieving the same traditional, mysterious quality without compromising on light and space. It can also feel a little less ominous when applied across an entire wall.


Mixed patterns

For years, mixing patterns was seen as a big no-no in décor, but following on from the influx of it at New York’s Fashion Week last autumn, it has enjoyed a real resurgence in the world of interior design.

You have to be brave to pull it off, but when mixing patterns is done right it can really bring a room together. Here are a few golden rules for mixing patterns: 

• Choose patterns with similar (though not exactly the same) colour schemes. For example, a baby pink and light blue print will work nicely with one that features navy and white. This is because the blues tie things together and because the pink and white colours are complementary to each other.


• Use your mixed patterns to highlight the central aspect of a room. There’s no point using the idea on a single dining chair — use mixed patterns to emphasise your dining table instead. In the living room, highlight your sofa, and in the bedroom use patterns on your bed. This is easily done with a well-chosen throw.


Unusual textures

Don’t just think outside the box when it comes to how your apartment looks; think long and hard about how it feels too. Choosing unusual textures like faux fur, velvet and mohair makes your home more interesting on a tangible level, and has become popular recently as part of a larger comfort trend. People want to be comfortable at home, and their choices of décor really show that.

When choosing furniture, make sure you see it in the flesh before you buy. See how it feels and make sure you love it.


Faux materials

They say the real thing is overrated, and apartment owners are certainly following this philosophy in their décor. 2017 has seen a huge influx in the number of people choosing faux materials to decorate their apartments, from faux fur rugs to faux countertops and wooden beams. These are often cheaper and even more reliable than the real thing, and you’ll be surprised how often they actually look better too.


Beautiful flora and fauna

Plants, flowers and insects are getting more and more popular in apartment design. Having once been resigned to decorating children’s rooms, butterflies are fast becoming a staple part of sweet, fun décor in family living spaces. Even designers like Sasha Bikoff are using butterflies in their interior design work.

From small ornaments and knick-knacks to botanical wallpaper, introducing odes to nature can help to make an apartment space feel graceful and sophisticated.

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